Sales Workshops & Training Sessions

Smart business professionals consistently train their staff. One of the main sources of inadequate sales performance is an omission on the part of management to train and groom their sales team. I offer customized sales workshops and training programs to help build confidence and skill sets so your team can possess and competently wield the necessary tools that lead to sales success.

By instituting higher standards for training, you will develop higher sales within your company. Only 10% of the population has “the learning mind-set”, that seek out and enjoy learning. The other 90% will not look to improve their skills unless they have to as part of their job requirement.

Let me help you establish classroom-style training programs with policies and procedures for everything you need to increase sales. Improving and advancing the skills and professionalism of every person in your company is an ongoing process, and formal sales workshops should be regularly conducted.

While many sales courses neglect the sales process altogether, my sales workshops are centered on it. I engage the sales process and begin by assessing your team’s current skill sets. I help build on those skills by introducing new skills, then having your team practice those skills until they become second nature. We’ll teach you how to make your prospect feel in control of the sale, which leads to a faster results and higher closing rates.

Allow me to provide your company with comprehensive hands-on training for sales managers that covers key success factors including hiring, supervising, mentoring and coaching the right talent to reach their full sales potential.“Edwin is at the TOP of the game. You can trust him to always show up 100% and bring the energy!”

– Grant Cardone, New York Times bestselling author