Leadership Strategy & Coaching

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

Leadership is often misunderstood subject with as many opinions on the matter as there are people. Simply put, leadership is inspiring people so that they accomplish tasks and obtain desired objectives within an established time frame.

The qualities ideal leader can be listed, as well as taught. I believe that these qualities include:

  • Competent & professional in manner
  • A great communicator
  • An even better listener
  • Insatiable students love to learn.
  • Can set clear cut goals
  • Can organize people and resources efficiently
  • Can readily motivate self and others
  • Expects and demands high performance
  • Is extroverted and is not concerned about what people think
  • Creative, especially on the fly
  • Flourishes under stress
  • Solution orientated
  • Does whatever it takes to get the job accomplished

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Sales Workshops & Training Sessions

Smart business professionals consistently train their staff. One of the main sources of inadequate sales performance is an omission on the part of management to train and groom their sales team. I offer customized sales training programs to help build confidence and skill-sets so your sales team can truly have the tools necessary to obtain their sales quotas.“Edwin is at the TOP of the game. You can trust him to always show up 100% and bring the energy!”

– Grant Cardone, New York Times bestselling author