Wordstream defines social media marketing as “a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to reach prospects and customers.” In simpler terms, social media marketing, shortened for SMM is simply a way of expanding your businesses and the services you render via social media. This is the 21st century and hardly can any business go far without the use of social media. It feels like everybody in the world is on one social medium platform or the other. You can never talk about online marketing without mentioning social media; they just go hand in hand. If anyone wants to experience a shift in their businesses or services, he or she should consider launching out on social media because there lie the victory. Whatever you might have heard about the positive influence social media marketing have on businesses are true and not overrated.

Social Media Marketing has come to stay and it is not going down anytime soon. Who is yet to embrace SMM? No one; perhaps. There are many social media marketing platforms around the globe. But, one of the keys to making the best out of them is to use the trending ones for that purpose you have in mind. When you use the latest social media marketing trends, you can be sure that your aims for using them will be achieved without any delay and even beyond your expectations. Another reason is that the world is revolving and anything you are doing must revolve as the world revolves if you do not want to be left behind. You cannot afford to allow your business stay in the old conservative way without following the trends. Again, it is high time you reviewed your social media marketing trends as a business owner or a service provider-a great deal of strategy is surely needed here. It is in line with these that the latest social media marketing trends will be highlighted for your benefits. These trends are relatively new and they are the ones for this year 2019. They go thus in no particular order:

Exponential Technology or Artificial Intelligence

All thanks to technology, artificial intelligence has really helped with customer service: although customers will not always agree on the same thing. The use of artificial intelligence which is a new wave of social media marketing trends is mostly used in the area of customer service. Now, efforts are being made to improve the bots as soon as they can. It is being contemplated that the bots be given their own identity or character. Through social media, customers have made decisions to follow particular brands and they expect to be given answers immediately they ask. We advise that more brands give it a re-think. This is a new wave that 2019 has brought to us.

Messaging Apps

It is no gain-saying that information is important in any relationship. I believe that more importantly, businesses and clients cannot succeed without communication, hence the need for a messaging app. We are looking at how this app will take over everywhere in 2019. The world has gone beyond people trying posting their brands publicly or for selected people on social media. People now understand what privacy means and that’s the trend social media is following. You see people advertising their brands publicly and the next thing they say is “Please, DM for the price.” DM is shortened for direct message. This means that they want to privately engage their customers on what they are selling. This gives both parties the platform to express themselves easily. It is also note-worthy to know that popular messaging applications like WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. are being updated to meet the latest social marketing trends in 2019. Now, some features are automated for easy customer and e-customer services. Big brands are already tapping into the messaging app trend and as a marketer, no matter how big or small your brand is, do not sleep on this trend.


Yes, live videos are the next big thing for social marketing now. Maybe you want something out of the ordinary or you just want your customers to have a deeper understanding of your brand, then live videos are your best bet. The idea of video content has been around for some time now and our expectations are very high this year. If all you can think of when you hear live videos is YouTube, then you need to be updated. Video content as a social media marketing trend has gone beyond YouTube; Facebook and Instagram have joined in this trend and marketers can confess that they have never had it better. Many brands have launched out to the world via Instagram, Facebook and YouTube live videos. Important features are also being added to make the experience worthwhile. For example, you get notified when someone is live, how amazing!!!
It is believed that when live videos are made, customers’ trust in the brand heightens. If it’s a machine, they get to see how it works. There is hardly any brand that live videos cannot be made for these days. Suffice to say that as a marketer, you are advised to put out your live videos in an engaging manner, never do them haphazardly. The fact that live videos are trending does not mean you should just go about it anyhow. Customers get bored when your live videos are not interactive and engaging. Be creative with what you are doing.


Someone wonders what is being influenced here? Well, your brand is. If you think you probably don’t have enough time for the foregoing marketing trends above, you do not have to worry one bit about it. Social media influencers are here for you. Though, influencers may be a bit expensive depending on the number of followers. Major influencers for example, major influencers may have as high as 500,000 followers including celebrities. This is why tend to be very expensive, reaching them is also another herculean task. So, unless your brand is really big, you may not have to make use of these major influencers. The good news however lies in micro and nano-influencers. Therefore, you do not have to break a bank before using influencers for your brands. With a micro-influencer of about 50,000 followers, your brand can gain the popularity you’ve always wanted. Also, nano-influencers can help if you are just starting out with your brand. Most nano-influencers are just starting out too. So, they will not want to charge much so as to build their client base. Another advantage as regards nano-influencers is that they can be easily reached.

However, if you are going to be using nano-influencers, be diligent about it. Look for the best ones around. Most importantly, you need to find the right influencer for your brand. Understand what your brand really needs. Whether major, micro or nano, go for the one that fits your brand perfectly.


Our list on the latest social media marketing trends in 2019 can never be complete without adding stories. It has been confirmed that hundreds of millions of Instagram users make use of Instagram stories every month. You can imagine! Facebook, WhatsApp and others are not left out of this story feature. The social media apps that have the story feature record millions of views every day. What else are you waiting for as a marketer? Grab this opportunity and use it to expand your brand. Carve out engaging and exciting stories about your brands, share positive reviews by customers, tell them in a story format, the next step you are taking for your brand. Before you know it, your brand is already everywhere. It’s that simple. Facebook has endorsed the story feature by confessing that it will soon overtake the News Feed feature. The amazing part of using stories as a social media marketer is that they fit everywhere. You can use short video clips, pictures and writings to tell a story. Let your customers have the feeling that they belong to your brand. Fill them in on daily happenings via stories.

In conclusion, while it is very important to follow these social media marketing trends as a marketer and owners of brands. Some things are equally paramount. Do not just make use of any social media marketing tool because it is trending. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying you should not use trending social media tools. The whole point of the article is about the latest social media marketing trends in 2019, after all. Do well to study your brand and for the latest social media marketing trends that works for it. This is the 21st century and it is guaranteed that one of these latest trends must work or your brand, but the perfect one is what you should look out for. Strategize and change any one you are suing if you feel it’s not working for you. But remember to never sleep on any of these latest social media marketing trends in 2019. You would be glad you did not. Let 2019 be your brand’s year.

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