Inbound marketing for a small business is the most cost effective method in attracting ideal clientele within a limited budget. Any small business can develop a simple inbound marketing strategy that will proactively place you in the top of local search.

Content marketing represents the link between brand awareness and lead generation. Without a consistent output of fresh and relative content, a company’s entire marketing program will never perform their full potential of sales. One’s inbound marketing strategy should not only be concerned with online content, but printed content as well.

Fortunately for small businesses, local search has leveled the playing field and has paved the way for a well planned inbound marketing strategy to be an increasingly efficient and effective platform.

Inbound marketing is the place where all media, including owned, earned and paid forms of media, converge for maximum exposure. An inbound marketing strategy unites all marketing tactics online and offline. In short, inbound marketing is a systematic approach which involves:

  • High quality & relevant content to attract hits to your website.
  • Converting those prospects into leads, either by email, calling or walking in.
  • Following up with those leads into sales, further using additional content.
  • Content can be generated by your clients and shared, such as online reviews.

Many Traditional Methods Are Expensive & Ineffective

Is outbound calling and advertising completely dead? Many companies find themselves in a “Outbound Marketing Rut”, struggling to establish sustainable marketing and sales processes that are easy to manage and affordable.

In discovering new methods in our ever changing business environment, more and more small businesses and entrepreneurs are turning to outbound marketing strategies and techniques that will deliver the new clientele that they seek for success.

People do not like to have advertising pushed on them, but rather to discover desired information themselves and when they’re ready. By using quality content to attract them to your website and then providing them with further content, you can help define their purchase needs and guide their decision buying process. Additionally, content is the one and only form of marketing that is evergreen, meaning it’s not necessarily dated or irrelevant. Instead, quality content created today may continue to drive leads new clientele many years later. Therefore the more optimized content a company produces, the more potential leads they generate.

Content marketing for a small business traditionally consists of blog articles, videos, FAQ, reports, e-books, white papers, survey results, or informative videos for example.

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