An Inbound Marketing Consultant employs a wide range of marketing methodologies, focusing on attracting, rather than chasing your customers. Previously the term SEO had been used to define a broad range of responsibilities. However the term is limiting in what can be achieved with itelligent marketing techniques to attract ideal clientele.

What Can An Inbound Marketing Consultant Accomplish?

An Inbound Marketing Consultant focuses on attracting users through creation of quality content which is of value to users. Outbound Marketing has traditionally utilized disruptive methods of interaction with consumers. In other words, outbound marketing relies on interrupting the user to communicate their brand value.

Inbound marketing covers all of the activities associated with marketing products and services on the Internet. As an inbound marketing consultant, I understand that this covers an extremely broad field that requires expertise in a wide range of areas. This includes search engine marketing, local marketing, blogging, video marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing.

As inbound marketing continues to evolve, even more avenues of content strategies can be successfully utilized. Each avenue has its own unique characteristics and requirements. Without the necessary experience utilizing these marketing channels, your company will waste a lot of time and effort. Your competitors will then quickly gain the upper hand.

The Inbound Marketing cycle is a simple, yet effective sequence:

  • Keyword Research & Web Traffic Analysis
  • Content Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

An Inbound Marketing Consultant wears these various “hats” to leverage technical and creative abilities so as to maximize an organization’s online branding, visibility and sales.

The Inbound Marketing Process

The Inbound Marketing Process begins with a thorough analysis of your objectives and goals. These are compared against market analysis, primarily of keyword traffic volumes. If targets and objectives are realistically achievable a strategy of content development in line with market conditions can take place.

The content can be developed in the form of information or entertainment and has three functions.

  • To build user engagement
  • Build brand recognition, identity and authority
  • Provide link building and social share opportunities

Building community and best practices in optimization is at the core of content creation.

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