When you are desirous of acquiring new dental patients, you want to conduct your practice’s marketing plan in such a way that you see a relatively quick return on your marketing dollar. To become successful in marketing your dental practice, you have to Think Big as you want results that are not only viable, but sustainable for years to come. You are going to have to proactively generate new patients out the wazoo! (A phrase indicating an excessive amount)

An Abundance of New Patients

Here are the 3 absolute “Must Be Done’s” if your dental clinic is to succeed in proactively generating tons of new patients.

1. Commit For the Long Haul – Those who conduct marketing in a haphazard manner are wasting money. You might as well do nothing versus ride the roller-coaster called inconsistency. Most of the failures in marketing are either, 1.) Engaging in unprofitable marketing methods or, 2.) Discontinuing those actions that were producing results. I have found No. 2 to be a bigger problem than No. 1. The underlying reasons for both marketing debacles can be innumerable. Success is about doing the right actions, consistently.

2. Engage In Best Dental Marketing Practices – It sounds a bit like the first point, but let me differentiate. When I want to solve a problem, I look to individuals or organizations that have already solved the same problem I am having currently. Why reinvent the marketing wheel? Successful people surround themselves with established experts who have proven their effectiveness. Either learn how to effectively market your practice yourself, or surround yourself with geniuses and experts in the field of dental marketing.

3. Track Results & Strengthen What Is Successful – It is easy to buy into false ideas as to why your marketing is starting to work. A weekly analysis should be conducted to track how all your new patients came in and what types of services they came in requesting and purchasing. Many times I find dentists managing their marketing on “automatic”. When I ask them questions as to what is working or what has worked well in the past, and they are a bit fuzzy, I know they are not digging into those numbers and finding what is driving their success. Actually, it’s sad.

Experience Marketing Success

I speak from vast experience in coaching hundreds upon hundreds of Dr.’s on how to boom their practice with new patients. Over two decades of coaching and mentoring dental professionals from all over the United States has taught me well. I’ve learned from my mistakes just as much as my success. Here is one person who I mentored and the tremendous results that we achieved together:

“Edwin Dearborn has been undoubtedly one of my greatest allies and mentor over the last 3 years. I met him when I had been tasked to run a marketing program in Orange County, CA at NonSurgical Medical Group headed by Dr. James Hall. Edwin was privately contracted as a consultant for the medical offices marketing campaign. Under his leadership and advice we were able to turn what were only 2-3 new customer visits per month to 6-9 new visits per week.

“He walked and guided me through all the processes and techniques I needed to be successful there and to help promote the medical offices objectives and goals. Beyond this, Edwin has stayed a great friend and advisor. I would recommend his services, advice, and friendship to anyone who is willing to better their career circumstances and who need a truly innovative eye at the marketing world.” – Laura Namaky

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