It is important to have a plan when developing website content ideas, whether for promoting your blog, any and all of your press releases or your promotional video ideas. From there, your content is then distributed through normal online channels and those who follow you through social media.

Small Biz Needs To Learn Best Website Content Ideas

I have discovered consistently with many small businesses and even large companies that I coached, that while they have the social media platforms in place and somewhat active, that what they truly lack is a quality content plan that is creative, consistent with their brand as well as being easy and cost-effective to execute.

Some of these may be similar, but the nuances deserve attention and delineation:

1. A special offer – This is usually some type of discount or giveaway that has an expiration date.

2. A contest – Per a recent survey conducted on how people respond on Facebook, contests are popular and can gain rapid and high response from those who follow you.

3. Information – Learning and being kept up to date is content worthy. The more value, the more potential it will be shared.

4. Educational – Like information, education is slightly different as it can bring in the aspect of history or to broaden knowledge of other cultures, geographical highlights and means of conducting our lives.

5. Humor – Funny has been a hit since the caveman. Make someone laugh, and it is worth mentioning and sharing.

6. News – Timely data, particularly when you are the first to announce it, is great content.

7. Solutions – Solving a problem, particularly when it is stubborn or important one, is valuable content.

8. Predictions – The horoscope section of the newspaper is the single most read section. Predictions are worth content as people rely heavily on others on how to make the right choice.

9. Announcements – This is like news, but an announcement may not be news in itself. Simply announcing a new staff added on,

10. An interview – People who are interesting, informative or otherwise shed light are worth writing about.

11. Raising a good question – Solving problems can sometimes be easier that raising a good question. Just raising the question is enough to make good content. Let your readers be left with the problem of offering potential solutions.

12. Insight – Revelations or epiphanies are great content. These do not require to be earth-shattering.

13. Events – Events, parties, get-togethers or gatherings of any type are worth providing content. Small or large, events can be a source of something share.

14. Failure – There are those who find bad news and misfortune interesting content.

15. Success – Most people find success to be better content, as well as inspiring and helpful to their own plights.

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