Recently, a supposed SEO expert quoted an associate of mine for top SEO services. The proposal had two immediate indicators of being questionable: It was complex and it was priced quite inexpensively. It had tons of “amazing” words and promises contained within it’s pages, yet it was at was a price that was too good to be true.

My BS radar was alerted, so I decided to see if this SEO expert was practicing what he was preaching. With the help of some analytics tools, such as, I knew that he did not practice good SEO practices for his own website. His links were too good to be true (99% of them were “do follow” links) and his own website was seeing about two to three visitors per day. My site here sees about 260 to 280 visitors per day, as we speak.

How To Know A True SEO Expert

A true professional who is competent has distinctive qualities. And one of them is not trying to overwhelm you with terminology and complexity. Moreover, they take the time to explain the important factors and details, as well as establishing real expectations. Competent professionals rarely use hyperbole or hackneyed cliches to explain their “secret sauce.” Nor do they use low cost as a competitive advantage.

Here are 7 signs of a true SEO expert and the best SEO companies.

1. They speak with transparency. A true SEO expert, as well as the best SEO companies, will not try to overwhelm you with big words, technical terms, as well as reassurances that everything is OK. You should understand what they are doing as it is your digital footprint and reputation that they are engaging with. Take the time to ask the hard questions and expect them to give complete answers in layman terms.

2. They can show you results from happy clients. An SEO expert should either share you with a list of success stories and testimonials, or they can even give you a list of two or three references that you can contact. SEO experts achieve measurable results and have the proof. The results from good SEO are easy to measure:

  • An increase of inbound calls
  • An increase of walk-ins
  • An increase of referrals
  • An increase of revenue from people who found you on the internet
  • An increase of genuine followers on social media

3. They require that you are involved in your SEO success. SEO is not a a function that you hand off to someone and then walk away from. Your digital marketing success is a “done together” activity. Your company’s SEO is too important to hand off to someone and then hope that they get it right all on their own. A true SEO expert will work with you and demand that you participate. After all, it is your company.

4. They provide monthly easy-to-understand reports. Demand monthly reports. A true SEO expert and the best SEO companies provide monthly reports – that you can understand. Look at these reports and ask questions when you have them. Learn what is happening, as well as what is being done to improve your rankings, visibility, and growth.

5. SEO experts and top SEO companies know that without content, great SEO is impossible. Without content, SEO is nearly impossible. There are only three major actions, really, to great SEO:

  1. Content
  2. Links
  3. User Experience (great design, easy-to-navigate, mobile friendly, etc.)

Excellent content, that is contextual to your audiences needs and queries, is the foundation to any great website. Content includes blog posts, videos, infographics, ebooks, courses, web pages, etc. Links are how a website content is connected internally, as well as how your content is connected to other websites, directories, forums, and other online resources. Some links are much more valuable than others, so adding more links is not necessarily the simple answer to effective SEO and digital marketing.

All three points above have been the subject of abuse, with poor quality content being outsources, poor design, and link building that has no value – or even destructive value – to the website. The result was an overall bad user experience. Over the last few years, Google has cracked down on websites that contained poor content and spammy link building. And even more recently, it has cracked down on websites that were not mobile responsive, proving to offer a bad user experience while on their mobile devices.

6. An SEO expert will inform you that SEO can take months. “You’re not on the first page of Google!” You’ve heard and/or seen it about 5 times per day from those SEO experts and digital marketing companies. They claim that with the motion of their magical SEO mouse, they can rank you on the first page of Google in no time.

Creating content is an ongoing activity. Finding great links is too an ongoing activity. Rome was not built in a day, nor was any high ranking website that people enjoyed visiting over and over.

7. An SEO expert will inform you that additional marketing actions are required. SEO is not the end-all of digital marketing. If fact, it is not as powerful as paid advertising (when done correctly) or email marketing. Reputation marketing is also anther powerful means of obtaining high rankings and generating new sales. Moreover, per, one’s online reviews can even give a 8% boost to your website’s SEO performance. But the best answer to winning with digital marketing is to deploy a holistic marketing strategy that leverages all these opportunities which serve the user’s needs and search queries.

There is no one “magic bullet” to winning in the world branding and marketing. Winning is about leveraging the power of many platforms and being consistent. Achieving massive success that an ambitious brand goes well above and beyond what normal companies do with their digital marketing and SEO strategies. Premier brands create high-quality videos, long-form content that explores the nooks and crannies of an issue, as well as engages with link building strategies that even 90% of SEO experts never touch because of how involved and extensive they are to perform.

Am I A SEO Expert?

While I know much about SEO, and continue to study about it on a daily basis, I can by no means make claim that I am an SEO expert. As a branding and marketing strategist with proven results, I work with a team of highly competent professionals who are content and SEO experts. Contact me for a free discovery call to see how I may help you improve your content quality, your ongoing SEO actions, as well as the growth and profitability of your brand.

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