How to increase sales. With content marketing? This is joke, a clever ploy to somehow convince hard core sales professionals that those “marketing people” are actually going to show them how to sell, much less how to increase one’s sales with their marketing know-how.

You are not alone in this skepticism. Over sixty percent of CEOs are no longer enforcing key business objectives and expectations with their marketing teams. Those CEOs primarily cite that their teams have “continuously failed” to figure how to increase sales.

The findings are part of the Fournaise Marketing Group’s 2012 Global Marketing Effectiveness Program, wherein they interviewed more than 1,200 CEOs across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

This survey told that the majority of CEOs possess their own in-house marketing departments and continue to do so “purely out of tradition.”  Most CEOs have, “made the conscious decision not to expect more from marketing than branding.” Unfortunately, it’s a common opinion that marketing professionals live too much in the brand and social-media bubble. Too many CEOs are find ind that their marketing professionals not to be ROI driven.

A mere twenty percent of CEOs contend that their top marketers need to become ROI accountable. The report went on to add that seventy-three percent of CEOs believe marketers lack credibility because they cannot prove the impact of marketing on business. However, of those CEOs surveyed, seventy percent admit that their own lack of trust and attitude is to blame for the poor reputation of marketers. The lack of expectation of performance has ensured the continuation of bad marketing.

Jerome Fontaine, CEO of Fournaise, stated, “Whether we like it or not, what CEOs are telling us is clear cut: They don’t trust traditional marketers, they don’t expect much from them. CEOs have to deliver shareholder value. Period. So they want no-nonsense ROI Marketers; they want business performance; they want results. At the end of the day, Marketers have to stop whining about being misunderstood by CEOs, and have to start remembering that their job is to generate customer demand and to deliver performance. This is business.”

How To Increase Sales With Content Marketing: 5 Proven Methods

Method No. 1 – Make you sales personnel extremely happy with the content that they have been desiring. Happy sales people sell more – fact! I have found that most CEO’s have developed marketing content that their sales teams never use for numerous reasons. In many cases, sales personnel go rogue and start creating their own sales content (presentations, brochures. etc.) without the top executives knowing. Survey your sales people and find out what type of content that they could truly leverage to close more sales.

Method No. 2 – Find a social platform that is right for you and master it. All too often I find professionals overwhelmed with all the types of social media that one could engage in. I give simple advice: Find a single platform that is best for YOU and then master it. Use this single channel to contact people, engage and to share content. About seventy percent of the content you share should be from others. Be an outlet of information and engage with your contacts routinely and naturally. If you are more a B2B person, go with LinkedIn. If you are more B2C, then go with Facebook. Younger crowd? Go with Instagram. If you cater mainly to women, then go with Pinterest.

Method No. 3 – You must find a way to generate audio-visual (AV) content. Photo’s and videos can be created and shared with your iPhone or Android quite easily. There are some great, easy-to-use apps out there that will allow you to created branded videos direclty from your phone. One of them is Videolicious. In resolving how to increase sales, you will need to become AV savvy. Or at least hire someone who is. Knowing how to increase sales would definitely include AV content.

Method No. 4 – You should be and need to be blogging. The statistics clearly show that companies and brands that blog will generate more traffic, more attention, more links and more customers. With the right research into what your target market is most interested in, as well as combining it with spot-on keyword research, you can deliver great blog content that will position you as a though leader. Great content will be shared and you truly need a blog to accomplish great content marketing. When I started out with nothing, it was my blog that positioned me as someone passionate about marketing and the “go to” guy.

Method No. 5 – Develop a robust and consistent email campaign. Build a large, targeted email list and then consistently send great content. You should be utilizing microsites that pulls people into a funnel of actions that gain their agreement to engage and consume your content. Email still delivers better ROI than social media and search.

Two-thirds of marketers (66%) state that email delivers an ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ ROI, with 8% of businesses achieving more than half of their sales through this channel. Those findings come from the new Econsultancy/Adestra Email Marketing Industry Census 2013, which shows that despite the ever-increasing toolkits and techniques available to marketers, email still holds its place as a channel that offers a strong ROI. Knowing how to increase sales would definitely include email campaigns.

Knowing How To Increase Sales Is Your Priority No. 1

Too many business people and entrepreneurs work IN their business, but very rarely work ON their business. And the first order of business is knowing how to increase sales. Contact me for a FREE marketing and sales analysis on how I can assist you knowing how to increase sales for your company.

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