I found in my many one-on-one interviews with hundreds of small and medium business owners that they do not know how to get on page page one of Google for free. Well in fact there are actually 5 methods to get on page one, 4 of them being free. Multiply those four methods by the hundreds of key words and phrases (long tails) and you see the almost limitless opportunities to have your business being found online.

I realize that you have probably been promised the sun, moon & stars from some SEO guru who would get you onto page one and from there on out, your marketing would be on automatic. Best SEO practices are important to building a viable business. It is accomplished with diligent work, persistence and studying and applying the best methodologies to everything we do in business.

There is no magic elixir, one answer to everything with regards to online marketing. Those who promise such stellar results in a rapid time with SEO are either telling their one best example, falsely claiming that this is their industry standard. Or they are in fact are not telling you the truth. Too many “experts” have muddied the field of SEO, and to some degree, have given the term a black eye amongst many brick-and-mortar business owners.

Great SEO must be engaged upon consistently, ethically and with a constant ear to the ground for new developments and opportunities within the industry. There simply is no replacement for hard work, steady application of know-how and expanding one’s knowledge and abilities to becoming better and better. It takes discipline to succeed with best SEO practices that will result in your business getting on page one of Google for free.

Here are the FIVE major and individual marketing methods of having your clinic appear high on search engines. Four of them are free.

Organic Search Results. (Free Method #1) This is your website appearing due to consistent and ethical SEO practices. When a site drops significantly in ranking it usually means that the SEO company was adding irrelevant links and so you were penalized. Moreover, organic search can be optimized with Blog articles and online Press Releases. These you can do for free. Each post and press release represents a unique opportunity to be found by search engines. 85 blog posts, plus 15 press releases, represents 100 additional ways to be found online. The more one blogs and issues press releases containing key words and phrases, then one exponentially increases one chances of being found.

In an article in Social Media Today, this is what they had to say about blogging: “Optimized blog + high SEO positions = more visitors to main site. You do that by continually blogging with a laser light focus using a very specific keyword and key phrase.”

Paid Search; Pay-Per-Click (PPC). THIS IS NOT THE NON-FREE METHOD OF GETTING ON PAGE ONE OF GOOGLE. This method is purchasing ads with the search engines. Your ads will appear as long as you pay them to appear. They are not based on anything else on any other factor. Now, there are best practices within this method. What keywords are converting best? Should I send people directly to my website, or to a dedicated page for that one campaign? How much should I spend? Seek an expert’s help (like me!) to assist you on best SEO practices. Of all five methods listed, this is the fastest to generate ROI.

Google Maps. (Free Method #2) You’ve probably searched for a pizza and found a separate section on Google that listed local pizza houses with a map. This is true for any brick-and-mortar business, like yours. While Google Maps is by far the most famous and utilized, other search engines have this map option as well. They are a very powerful method of online marketing and you do not rank high on these by accident. It takes consistent and ethical marketing to rank high and to stay there. In highly competitive fields, such as dentistry or pizza, it can take some time.

Video Marketing. (Free Method #3) Yes, you should be using video marketing as it is a separate and unique marketing method to appear high on search engines. In fact, YouTube (owned by Google by the way!) is the second most searched site in the world. This does require you to make videos on your own. These videos can be short videos with still pictures and voice over. These then direct people to call you or to visit your website. This is a marketing method that very few small and medium businesses utilize. These are highly successful when done right!

Online Directories. (Free Method #4) We all know about Yelp, Manta and Merchant Circle as places that we can list our business. But did you know that your listings with 35+ such online directories will list separately as a way for potential clients to find your practice? Since these directories rank high with search engines, by listing your practice within them you get to ride their SEO “power wave.” Thus, you benefit from this as another way of being found online. Moreover, over 150 million Americans are estimated to visit per month, utilizing these online directories to find local businesses.

Why Did No One Ever Explain These Methods To Me?

YOU HAVE BEEN KEPT IN THE DARK ON PURPOSE. Your SEO expert or internet marketing provider does not want you to understand all that was possible, as he/she was not really conversant in all the methods to getting you found online. They had one product to sell and assured you that their way was the best way. Factually, they were biased to some degree.

We have seen businesses pay between $400 to $800 a month to ONE online directory and do not even know that can be listed on 34 more! I have clients had paying to have links built to their website, to discover later that they are now penalized because their links were with unethical or irrelevant sites. One day they are on page 1 and then – BOOM! – the next day they are on page 17. Of course, this is devastating to their business and profits.

Business people who are depending mainly on their online presence for their marketing can be wiped out with such unscrupulous marketing practices. As well, they continue to struggle with little results because they are not tapping into the top 8 methods we have listed here.

For about the same price you are spending now, or even possibly a little bit more, you can access our knowledge and these best SEO marketing methods for your practice. The ROI is remarkable indeed!

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