“How To Generate Leads Using LinkedIn” will be the subject of a workshop that I will be leading on Saturday, July 20th 2013. If you are looking to generate more high-quality leads, then this workshop is a “must attend”. You will easily and rapidly earn back – and more – the $197.00 workshop fee with your first close. Last year LinkedIn certified that my personal profile was one of the top 5% viewed profiles in the world. Let me show you exactly how to leverage LinkedIn as your premier social media platform to connect with the most qualified prospects anywhere to be found. Details are here: How To Generate Leads Using LinkedIn Workshop.

You Will Learn Vital Insights To 3X’ing Your High-Quality Leads

In this half-day “How To” workshop you will learn crucial insights on levering LinkedIn’s potential to connect with thousands of other professionals, who are all potential new clientele. Additionally, you will gain the hard-won knowledge on how to conduct yourself professionally on LinkedIn, how to develop interest in what you sell, the secret to dramatically expanding you inbound leads, as well as how to take the conversation from “online to in-person”.

By now you know that simply posting your profile on LinkedIn is minimalistic. LinkedIn, like all social media, requires interaction just like the real business world. For the small percentage of those entrepreneurs, sales professionals and SMB owners that master LinkedIn, it opens doors to new clientele that would have never been available through traditional telemarketing and advertising methods.

7 Amazing Facts About LinkedIn’s Potential

1. There are 200 million registered LinkedIn users worldwide.

2. Two new members sign up on LinkedIn every second.

3. 35% of the users access LinkedIn daily.

4. 50% of LinkedIn users have a Bachelor’s or Graduate degree.

5. 90% of LinkedIn users think the site is useful because it helps them connect with people from the respective industry as possible clients

6. 50% of Fortune 100 companies hire through LinkedIn.

7. LinkedIn generates more leads for B2B companies than Facebook, Twitter or blogs.

The “How To Generate Leads Using LinkedIn” workshop is for motivated individuals who are proactive in their approach to increasing their leads and sales. If this is you, then enroll today!

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