Most business owners do not understand how social media marketing for small business can be leveraged to find and engage with potential local patrons. While thousands of people in your local area are using Twitter, this social media activity represents an opportunity that very few small businesses use to attract new people to their establishment.

This small business marketing tactic is by far one of the most effective uses of finding customers on social media. Many have highly touted the value of using Twitter search, and yet it is still not widely used by small businesses as a marketing tactic. Let me show you just how easy it can be to use and leverage as a small business marketing tactic.

First, navigate to What you’ll see is a powerful tool that allows you to pin point groups of individuals that you deem in need of your products or services.

Under the first section called “Words”, you will see a line entitled, “Any of these words”. Type in what you area searching for, such as a coffee house, florist, etc. Then in the section, “Places”, enter the general city or regional area that you want to search in.

In our example, let’s pretend that you own a coffee house in Tustin, CA and you’re looking to attract patrons for morning coffee and your afternoon lunch specials. Simply type the word “coffee” into the “Any of these” field, and make sure to include “Tustin” in the location. You’ll locate any coffee loving tweeters that you can then respond to with a special, coupon, or even a simple invitation to visit. This is an intelligent use of social media marketing for any small business.

Some Additional Twitter Tips

On Twitter, you should try using hashtags, which provide a 21 percent increase in engagement when you use a maximum of two per tweet. Strive to not over-use hashtags, because it makes you and your tweet look spammy. You should know what hashtags to use and when to use them for the greatest effect. I suggest you use popular hashtags that identify your area and what you do. For example, a coffee house in Orange County, Ca would use the hashtags #OC and #coffee.

I have found that if you attach tasteful and appropriate photo’s with your tweets, you generate more response and retweets. Additionally, if you attach short videos, this will further increase the engagement and retweets – even higher than just attaching a photo.

Social media marketing for small business can be very effective in growing your small business, particularly when you know how to do it right and engage in the effective tactics tailored for your small business.

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