Twitter and its tweet statistics. Does anyone really care? I still hear the same argument about using Twitter, “I just don’t get it.”

It’s unfortunate that the fine folks at Twitter don’t do a better job of educating today’s entrepreneur and small business owner as to how their social platform can be leveraged with success. While some people, such as the early adopters, have figured it out, Twitter is not growing in strength or at the speed like we have recently witnessed with LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.

These Tweet Statistics Deserve Your Attention

In reality, Twitter is fairly easy to learn. Once you get past your own preconceived ideas that it has no place in business, it is one of the easier social channels to learn and utilize for business. Today, I was watching a video from HubSpot called, “The Science of Twitter Clicks.” I have included that particular video at the end of my post. What I found of most interest were the various tweet statistics, which when implemented, will have a significant impact on driving your Twitter followers onto your website.

Here are some key highlights of how to use Twitter more effectively:

  • Tweet statistics indicate that those tweets containing links get retweeted twice as often.
  • You want to tweet your own content about 1 tweet per hour.
  • The majority of your tweets (80-90%) should be sharing content from sources other than yourself. This establishes you as a great resource for a wide array of information, news and insights.
  • When including a link, the “sweet spot” of where to place that link within the tweet, is about 25% into the tweet.
  • Your tweets will generation more retweets and click conversions when using ACTION words, such as Verbs and Adverbs, versus Nouns and Adjectives.
  • The best time to tweet is between 2 to 3 in the afternoon and from 8 to 9 in the evening.

My Own Tweet Statistics & Observations

I am now 22,000 tweets into this relationship and I too have gathered some valuable insights. Here are a few of my own that may help you generate more traffic to your website, as well as those valuable retweets.

  • Thank people for following you and retweeting your content. 
  • Follow those who are active on Twitter and retweet their content. Moreover, acknowledge their great work if you truly find it great.
  • Do not try to sell anything, just share content and well deserved praise.
  • Promote your Twitter handle on your website, on all your collateral material and other social channels.
  • You will get more retweets if you tweet you content directly to the person.
  • If you have no links of blog posts to share, including links to photos will increase your retweets.
  • You will get better the more you do.
  • You will become even better when you take the effort to read a book or two about Twitter.

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