This is a guest blog post from Rianne Hunter

Are you looking to be an effective manager? In this contemporary era, many business owners are recognizing the role that fostering good relationships with their employees can play in helping their company succeed. With that thought in mind, individuals who want to ensure that their businesses experience continual growth and expansion should take time to consider how to become a better boss. Here are four strategies that you can implement in order to end up as your employees’ favorite boss ever:

How To Be An Effective Manager Tip No. 1: Use Modern Technology.

If you’re serious about becoming a great boss, you should think of strategies you can implement to help your employees become more effective without wasting time and/or resources. One great way to make this happen is to use contemporary, convenient technology. For example, updating your HRMS software in real-time can help employees in your HR department quickly access current data from any location and avoid costly mistakes that can ruin morale like missing some employees’ birthdays but not others’. And using e-signatures can help your employees handle contracts without requiring that business partners or clients to be physically present to close a deal.

How To Be An Effective Manager Tip No. 2: Implement Employee Appreciation Days.

One of the most common complaints that employees voice regarding their jobs is that they are not appreciated. Since this is the case, business owners who want to become a favorite boss should take the time to implement employee appreciation days. During these celebrations, you can hand out achievement awards that specifically identify the type of productive and meaningful work that employees have been doing.

How To Be An Effective Manager Tip No. 3: Don’t Micromanage.

If you’re serious about becoming a boss whom your employees respect and like, be sure that you don’t micromanage. Making your business function optimally and effectively is contingent upon your ability to delegate tasks to others, thereby giving them the freedom and responsibility to complete assignments. In addition to helping build trust between you and your employees, avoiding the act of micromanaging gives you more time to concentrate on your own work.

How To Be An Effective Manager Tip No. 4: Deal With Problems Quickly.

In order to be an excellent boss, you need to address challenges as soon as they arise. If you allow inter-office tension or complications to go unaddressed for an extensive period of time, your employees can grow hostile towards one another and offer clients a lower quality of customer service. Once you recognize that a problem exists, take the time to devise a strategy that will diffuse tension while ensuring that the needs and concerns of each employee are addressed and resolved.

Although you may think becoming your employees’ favorite boss will be a difficult or impossible task to accomplish, this is not the case. By implementing some or all of the strategies listed above, you can begin earning the respect and trust of your employees today. Good luck!

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