Creating great content is the foundation for success in marketing today. Having a website stuffed with keywords as a strategy is dead. Your website, as well as your offline marketing & sales initiatives, must be supported with great and continuous content.

But one of the overlooked advantages of creating great content is that it can lead to even more great content. Here are some key points that can help you create even more content that is engaging to your target audience, as well as beneficial to your marketing & sales endeavors.

Success Is Contagious

When you are on a roll, your success will inspire even more ideas. Success raises morale, and in turn, individuals with high-morale are more creative, persistent and industrious.

Great Content Creates Response

If your content is great, people will share it and respond themselves. From this interaction, new ideas, questions and potentials will arise for even further great content. Moreover, from this interaction, free courses can be developed, FAQ pages can be added or enhanced, and a myriad of other content ideas and strategies can be developed and issued.

More Positive Reviews & Successes

Great content will generate more positive reviews on Yelp and Google+. These positive comments can then be repurposed as further, new content. I have seen many companies take positive reviews from Yelp and then share it on other social media channels.

Creating Great Content Inspires Your Audience To Create Their Own Content

Contests, surveys and other types of content can inspire your audience to creating content themselves, such as guest blog posts, video testimonials, case studies, mentions on social media, retweets and other actions that drive attention and new business to your website and brand. By crowdsourcing your content, you can generate true word-of-mouth marketing. In fact, letting your audience participate in generating content allows an almost unlimited stream of new content for your marketing strategy.

Excited Staff Want To Join In

When your staff see a great content marketing plan in execution, they too will want to join in with the creativity and action. Smart companies allow their staff to participate in the content sharing of the company’s services, products, virtues and experiences.


Like all endeavors in life, the majority of effort is expended to just to get it rolling. But sooner of later, that moving ball is kept in motion with much less effort. The same is true when creating great content. If you need help in getting that ball rolling, feel free to contact me for assistance.

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