How content marketing drives sales and keeps your sales people productive is an important business process to master. The ultimate goal of any marketing initiative is to acquire and keep more customers.

“Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.” – Peter Drucker

Content marketing should be a regular activity of any business or non-profit, positioning them as a thought leader while creating new followers, sales leads, new customers, as well as repeat sales. Since content marketing is such a wide and diverse subject, many companies, non-profits and start-ups struggle with overwhelm and how to begin with content marketing.

Many CEO’s and business owners often do not know how to connect the dots with content marketing and how it can measurably and consistently effect their bottom line in a positive manner. All too often, marketing people speak about “branding” with no accountability for ROI, while the heat of Hades comes down hard on the sales personnel to make their monthly, quarterly and annual sales quotas.

How Content Marketing Drives Sales

I have found some fairly pragmatic solutions to common challenges by developing content marketing initiatives that will drive more sales. These 3 top points are what I have found to be the most frequent solutions in dealing with my personal clients over the years. Of course, there are other challenges within businesses regarding how content marketing drives sales for particular industries and niche markets. While there is no “one size fits all” solution to content marketing and how to leverage it to increase sales, I believe that these three tips will open the door to gaining a better understanding.

Content Marketing/Sales Tip #1: Build your content around the needs of your sales people. Reverse engineering has been practiced for years in building airplanes and space ships. In business and marketing, this principle can be applied quite successfully. Survey with your sales people and find out what they do and do not like about your current sales content (e.g., PowerPoint presentations, brochures, case studies, websites, emails, white papers, etc.). As well, ask them what would consider to the ideal content, in their estimation, that would aid them in selling more and generating more new clientele. I have found that happy sales people sell more. So, give your sales team the content that would love to show and utilize. As a note, I would include “Sales Training Materials” as vital content. This is often overlooked by executives and marketing types, as this type content is inward facing. Content that trains sales people (videos, manuals, courses, etc.) is valid content marketing that increases sales and profits.

Content Marketing/Sales Tip #2: In resolving this “How content marketing drives sales” conundrum, we need to also define and then survey your exact target audience. All too often, companies and entrepreneurs conduct a “spray & pray” marketing program. Much effort and expense, with little return.

Renown author and sales coach, Chet Holmes, noted in his book, The Ultimate Sales Machine, that one should target a “Dream 100″ list. While you may require much more than 100 dream clients to become viable, the idea is simple: Narrow your marketing target to an exact audience. One you do this, survey them for what they need and want the most and ensure that your future content addresses those needs clearly.

Content Marketing/Sales Tip #3: Once you have a targeted audience in sight and a well-trained sales team armed with great sales content, you support this structure with marketing programs that will drive in leads. Great sales people, supported by marketing that generates qualified and targeted leads, will inevitably expand the sales and profits of the organizations that they work for. Lee Odin of Top Rank Blog, featured an superb post about B2B Content Marketing which gives numerous and detailed examples of how this can be accomplished.

How Content Marketing Drives Sales Is Up To You

Now that you have some top tips, as well as this insightful link to how to conduct B2B content marketing, the rest is up to you to draft your marketing strategy and then to begin with actions that will increase revenue. It does not happen overnight, but through consistency, monitoring the results and adjusting your tactics so you meet your sales quota. Contact me for a free Marketing Analysis to see how I can help you dramatically increase your sales. .

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