To grow Libertarian Party influence, it will take a concerted effort and a clearer platform. Never has there been a more opportune time to grow the party. By survey, the majority of Americans consider themselves in line with the basic concepts of Classical Liberalism:

  • Socially liberal (voluntarism) 
  • Economic responsibility
  • Smaller government influence in our personal lives
  • Personal privacy and security

Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats represent wholly represent these ideals. So the question remains, “Why has the Libertarian Party not had massive growth, gaining significant influence?” Now some members will say that we are more well-known than ever. They are right. But have we generated the power to influence national policy and action around critical issues? Being talked about is one thing, but becoming influential in national policy is another topic. This is the topic of this blog post: Influence.

This Blog Post Will Not be Popular With Hardcore Members

Let me clear: I did not write this to become popular among my fellow Libertarian Party members. In fact, this post will most likely make me quite unpopular, particularly with those members who will accuse me of being soft or unrealistic. But in actual fact, all these points are about pragmatism, actions that will grow the party and it’s influence on national policy. These points are not intended to alienate party members, but to appeal to a larger audience and so be able to positively influence this country’s policies and future in a positive manner.

7 Significant Changes To Grow Libertarian Party Influence

Change No. 1 – Concentrate on the two most important issues, the economy and national security. We need to drop the marginal issues that alienate average people. When I say marginal, I do not mean that they are unimportant. But they are not the most crucial issues that face our nation at this moment. Our stance should be that gay marriage, abortion, gun control and other such issues are already resolved by the Bill of Rights. Simple: We support the Bill of rights. Yes, you can be gay and married. That is your First Amendment right. Yes, you can own a gun. We support the Second Amendment.

Let’s not follow the same mistakes that the GOP and the Democrats fall into by putting these issues at the top of our agenda as we go into debt by the trillions. Let us concentrate our voices and attention on the two things that most Americans are most concerned with: The economy and national security.

Change No. 2. – Stand for something so powerful and unassailable as a national platform. It’s time we become smart about our messaging and have a clear-cut mission statement that even evil morons would be afraid at publicly attacking. Something like, “You were born free and equal. Remain So.”

Change No 3. – Address the Tea Party issue and start controlling the real conversation. We have allowed the media to define us as “Those Tea Party people.” While I have much respect for those in the Tea Party movement, many people who share our principles will not come on board as Libertarians because they do not want to be perceived as Tea Party members. We need to acknowledge them as members, but remind people that the Libertarian Party is about principles, not a group within the group.

Change No. 4 – Become the party of content education, not accusations or rhetoric. There’s this other revolution occurring and it’s called “Content Marketing.” We need to develop great content that is engaging, informative, and is worth sharing. We need to drop the typical rhetoric and finger pointing that has become the two party system. We need to take a different path towards our involvement with people. “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.” – George Washington Carver

Change No. 5 – Get members involved in social media. Word-of-mouth is the most powerful form of advertising still to this day. The Libertarian Party needs to educate and encourage it’s members on how to correctly and effective leverage the power of social media to spread our ideals and principles.

Change No 6 – Get members involved in the community, particularly in high school sports and local business.  While social media is an effective means to reach millions of people, let us not forget that most communities are involved and interested in local sports and business activities. This is where the Libertarian Party can sponsor teams, community events and business events to help spread our ideals. Party representatives and members should join networking groups and invite people to learn about the Libertarian Party.

Change No. 7 – Become strategic in our media communications so we are part of the national consciousness. When vital discussions are occurring within the media, we need to be involved in the mix. Ideally, we would have a well-known personality on talk shows and being interviewed so as to get the “Libertarian perspective” on the issue at hand. We need to be so involved in these discussions and debates, that people look forward to our views and ask, “I wonder what they Libertarians think about this issue?”

Growing The Libertarian Party Influence Is Generational

In reality, even with all these 7 points being aggressively and actively pursued, we must confront the estimation of effort and time that it will take to grow on influence. But to build a flame, it takes a spark, fuel and the continual feeding that flame with even more fuel to turn it into a raging blaze. We have to think in terms of generations, not years. In twenty to thirty years, the Libertarian Party influence could become quite significant. Even if only 5% of Americans were members, it would have the influence to change the discussion and policies on critical issues. To gain favor with either Party on critical votes, our ideas would not only have to be considered, but included in national policy. We can grow the influence of the Libertarian Party. I firmly believe that these 7 actions will help us to develop us a strategy to help rebuild this great nation with sound policy and laws.

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