Guest post by New York Times bestselling author, Grant Cardone

Has Reality TV Become Grant Cardone’s Secret HR Weapon?

Finding great people is the number one challenge for companies today. It’s expensive, time consuming and with all the hiring restrictions and regulations, it’s almost impossible to determine what you are actually getting in a simple interview. Add to that the number of people looking for work, unemployed and underemployed and it becomes even more complicated.

I am done with the traditional hiring process so I created a TV show that allows me to have applicants prove themselves great. By holding auditions, rather than doing a traditional job interview, I can actually put people to the test and find out what they’re really made of. We are creating six, one hour episodes where we hire at least one person who was willing to demonstrate their ‘Whatever It Takes’ level of determination, guts, integrity, and problem solving abilities.

If you have ever hired anyone, you know how difficult it can be to find the right people. You meet someone who looks good on paper, interview goes well, resume and references check out, and then after hours of considerations you finally hire them hopeful that they’ll be a great addition. They start and a few weeks in, you realize that this person was a better interviewer than an employee. You’re now faced with the reality that they are not a fit and you must let them go. You become frustrated and start to think there aren’t any great people left to hire.

The reality is that great people are being overlooked by companies because the hiring process is broken so everyone loses. When people “audition” for ‘Whatever It Takes,’ they must prove themselves not “resume” themselves. Put a camera in a person’s face, stress them out with rigorous challenges and you will quickly meet the real person that exists beyond the typical interview.

The single characteristic all companies want most from their employees is the commitment to do whatever it takes to get a job done. There are many smart people out there with good resumes but you can’t find out if they really have what it takes until you hire them. In our first episode, contestants (actual job applicants) were shaking, sweating, and quitting in just the first few moments admitting they were unwilling to do whatever it takes for this job. This saves me from hiring the wrong person.

The single biggest problem in growing a company is finding great people. Companiesdon’t just need someone who is a smart, loyal, team player with the ability to write a good resume. Companies need people who are willing to step up and push themselves to do whatever it takes to make the most of a great job opportunity.

If you know someone who is unemployed or underemployed willing to do whatever it takes and prove it, tell them to be in Miami Beach at my company headquarters on October 18th between 11am -2pm. People can learn about me and my business by visiting

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