One of the best ways to optimize your content is with Geo Targeting Marketing. For any small business, you want your marketing efforts to generate the most return in terms of new clientele and higher revenue. By optimizing you content with geo specific words and phrases, you will have your content being found more often by those people in that area.

How To Wield Your Geo Targeting Marketing

There are almost a hundred ways to target your most ideal clientele. Whether you are trying to reach people in your own local area, as you depend mainly on revenue from locals, or you want to reach people in specific cities, states or even countries, you can optimize your content to be found by those denizens within that locale. For the examples below, I will illustrate the usage with the city of Newport Beach, CA – the city where I grew up. Here are a 7 methods and tools you can leverage to have your content found.

1.) Website Pages – Within your website, you would want to create pages that are geo targeted. If one was a florist, one would inevitably have a web page that was “Newport Beach Florist”.

2.) Blogging – Using keywords that are geo specific within your blog posts is a key strategy. If fact, this can become an endless source of new, geo-specific content. One such post could be, “Newport Beach Florist Offers Valentine Special”. I recommend that you do not over abuse this tactic, ensuring that maybe 20% of your blog posts are geo-specific, while your other posts are about industry news, trends, offers and other points of interest.

3.) YouTube – You can make your YouTube video built to be found for your geo-specific target. Ensure that the video itself is about that area, as well ensure that your video tags have that area embedded in all the appropriate areas. This is a great geo targeting marketing tactic to rank high on Google.

4.) Facebook – Your ads can be extremely specific by having your paid ads targeted to a country, a state and even specific cities. For a small amount of money, any small business can target specific offers to people around their local area or any area that they want to market to.

5.) Twitter – By using the hashtag (#) wisely, you can ensure that you come up in that search when tweeting your content. By adding #NewportBeach and even #OrangeCounty to your tweets, you increase your chances of being found by locals.

6.) Pinterest – You can create boards around cities and geo specific areas. A florist could have boards for each city, as well as the county, featuring floral designs in homes and businesses for those areas.

7.) Ebooks & White Papers – It is easy to retitle your books and white papers. One could have “Orange County Floral Design Idea Book”. There is no reason that this could not be retitled into the “Los Angeles Floral Design Idea Book” if that were a market that they wanted to expand into.

How To Begin Your Geo Targeting Marketing Strategy

You must conduct market research to best utilize your geo targeting marketing efforts and expenditure. Any professional webmaster should be able to help you with that research on the specific words and how they are searched for within the search engines. This can vary even slightly, such as “Florist in Newport Beach” to “Best Florist Newport Beach”. There could be 25 to 50 variations of geo-specific keywords, all of these providing opportunities for blogging and any paid Google adwords campaigns that you may want to launch.

Contact me if you need assistance in developing a powerful and robust campaign that can best leverage geo targeting marketing tactics.

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