The barrier to political stability and financial freedom is not those who oppose the resolution of these issues but the apathy and confusion of the people who desire to see it improved. Massive financial debt for the US has been brought about by an agenda that is over 100 years old.

This negative wealth of this nation, now in the trillions, has now been transferred to the US taxpayer, over the last century, as onerous taxes that just continue to grow in size. And now with Obamacare passing, this record of the state mandating our lives has grown to unprecedented proportions. 16,000 new IRS employees are to be hired to regulate and enforce the 21 different new taxes carefully hidden within Obamacare. This of course, as its stated purpose, is to usher in low cost healthcare.

At the bottom of political and economic confusions are the contrived PR campaigns, carefully employing Newspeak: The language of any oppressive political movement or party as first defined in George Orwell’s book, 1984. Famous propagandists, such as Edward Bernays, were hired by such short-sighted statesmen in the early and mid twentieth century. Financed by the Rockefellers, J.P. Morgan and other banking giants, President Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, all felt compelled to mold Mankind’s destiny, taking an original cue from from the philosophy of Plato’s book, The Republic.

Under the banner of the “Progressive Movement”, both Presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Wilson popularized in America a fundamental transformation. As a result, life in America politics reversed Thomas Jefferson’s concept of personal freedom as a secondary consideration to national security, as well as opening the door to destructive legislation, as in the Federal Reserve Act. Moreover, it was The Rockefeller Foundation that funded some of the first humanistic psychology departments in Chicago and New York, bringing to prominence Sigmund Freud and education reformer, John Dewey.

It is interesting to note that Teddy Roosevelt held Thomas Jefferson and his accomplishments in extreme contempt. In fact, Teddy had quite some scathing comments about Jefferson’s legacy, although he held the very office in which Jefferson was instrumental in creating. It is also interesting to note that Teddy believed that a country “needed” war and dramatically expanded centralized government under his years a President (an idea contrary to the ideals of the original Founders of our nation). It was these “Progressives” policies and direction that eventually led us into WWI.

The net result of government demanded “New Deals”, education reform initiatives, war on poverty and a constant parade of failed programs, the America people are even more confused today as to the real issues and their actual causes. These social programs were pushed vehemently with the well-funded help of PR men, like Bernays and Walter Lippman. And more to the actual cause, we do not have a list of clearly delineated terms that identify that actual subject of economics and politics which allows Americans to interact and communicate, with each other and to their representatives, on a rational level.

“The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms” – Socrates

Government funded education, under the direction of psychology based philosophy that holds man in contempt with no spiritual virtues, has left the product of several generations of Americans with their heads completed muddled with Material Equality. This has created an artificial inability to understand these subjects, thus communicate.

“If you wish to converse with me, define your terms” – Voltaire

First let me define Material Equality, as well as its origin in American life. Material Equality was a concept of Lenin. Lenin was a atheist and objected to anything spiritual. Lenin’s basic philosophy was that the state had the right to determine how wealth was distributed and how production was managed. Property rights were suspended by the state to ensure equality of ownership, the supposed source of class conflict between the wealthy (bourgeoisie) and the working class (proletariat). Does this sound familiar with the Occupy movement concerning the 99 percent?

This philosophy gave birth to a humanistic (psychology based) approach to transferring wealth and that the state had the moral responsibility to take property as it was resolving the source of economic conflict and social injustice. And while there were plenty of injustices in the late 1800’s and into the 1900’s to address within labor, women’s rights and civil rights, these were not going to be remedied with another injustice and false technology in its place. As anyone knows, psychology is utilized just as much as a tool of domination versus it supposed use to being about understanding about Mankind.

The marketed antithesis to these social injustices that did exist, was not at all a solution, but another problem that would ultimately even deprive the have nots. These utilized soothing and bold sounding words filled with humanity. But yet their legacy and statistical evidence is clear: Social Security is broke, pensions are being cut or cancelled worldwide and cities and states are cutting basic programs and infrastructure development.

And this is where Newspeak and the propagandists have found a purpose and employment. You have to take the sensible aspects and terms of social reform that are truly obvious and needed, and then carefully redefine these terms, artfully twisting their new meaning to as to fit what new program that you would like to newly introduce. It’s when you send a battleship or a armada on a “Peace Tour.”

For many years, methadone was the “cure” for heroin. Now, methadone is one of the largest abused drugs in America. Once touted as the solution to drug addiction, with slick marketing and studies to prove it efficaciousness, it now is one of the leading killers in prescribed meds.

Socialized programs from the government are synonymous to methadone. Sure, it stops the pain momentarily and appears to quell the desire or need for heroin. But eventually that lie will catch up with one, leaving even further tissue damage. It was never designed to heal, but simply to replace one drug considered the source of the addiction so as to cover it up with a “solution”.

The answer to our current economic delimma is not the left or right propaganda filled with twisted, yet articulate interpretations of natural economic law. This is a false paradigm intently designed to trap one’s wits on either end of that spectrum. The key is to address the educational necessity of students, parents, business professionals and those at all levels of government and to teach them the terms and sound laws of economics.

The test of true wisdom is that when it is applied it will bring about desirable conditions and survival. For if the knowledge is accurate, it will bring benefit when applied. As one can see from our recent economic woes, the men who supposedly are expert have no virtue or sound understanding in the economic laws and policies that they espouse. Fancy words can only last so long, particularly when their are crashing economies all around. This is not virtue, but suicide.

“Knowledge without justice ought to be called cunning rather than wisdom.” – Plato

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