Executive Coaching Los Angeles – With more than 18 years as a CEO of a large non-profit organization, I bring hard-won experience and time-honored methods. Moreover, I posses a critical eye for high performance and results. The Orange County Register reported that I am a “Marketing Expert”. Having coached top C-level executives in the Los Angeles area for over two decades, I understand the challenges of today’s business world.

To date, I have lectured to over 10,000 professionals who have attended my many workshops. By delivering proven results in every aspect of running a business, including revenue & profit growth, organizational processes, content marketing and building high performing teams, I bring a unique set of skills to the table.

I believe that I bring a no nonsense attitude, combined with my passion for coaching people, to render profitable results. In speaking one-on-one with so many people, from such diverse backgrounds, I can assist others by thinking outside their boundaries.

As an Executive Coach with many existing clients in Los Angeles area, I have access to numerous resources to assist CEO’s and other C-level executives. I help them to discover unseen resources and learn need pragmatic tools so as to improve any circumstance in business, and even in their personal lives.

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