As an Executive Coach in Orange County, CA with more than 18 years as a CEO of a large non-profit organization, I bring hard-won experience and time-honored methods. Moreover, I posses a critical eye for high performance and results. The Orange County Register reported that I am a “Marketing Expert”. Having coached top C-level executives in Orange County, CA for over two decades, I understand the challenges of today’s business world.

To date, I have lectured to over 10,000 professionals who have attended my many workshops. By delivering proven results in every aspect of running a business, including revenue & profit growth, organizational processes, content marketing and building high performing teams, I bring a unique set of skills to the table.

I believe that I bring a no nonsense attitude, combined with my passion for coaching people, to render profitable results. In speaking one-on-one with so many people, from such diverse backgrounds, I can assist others by thinking outside their boundaries.

As an Executive Coach located in Orange County, CA, I have access to numerous resources to assist CEO’s and other C-level executives. I help them to discover unseen resources and learn needed pragmatic tools so as to improve any circumstance in business, and even in their personal lives.

How Does An Executive Coach Help?

An executive coach helps by providing insight, improving performance and assisting in discovering solutions. This is accomplished by providing immediate and candid feedback. Too few executives receive little or no feedback. It seems as though the importance of feedback, and whether or not it is given frequently, has been lacking in the business world. The higher up the ladder one climbs, the more vital feedback becomes, but the less it is given due to fear amongst employees or the blind spot or the executive himself. Due to these situations, leadership members seem to stop developing and improving certain workplace tools such as leadership, marketing and interpersonal skills.

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