Executive business coaching has an objective: greater profits and operational efficiency. While this is simple to state, we all realize that it is quite another to accomplish such ideals. The value of executive business coaching lies within the three A’s of executive business coaching. These are Acumen, Adeptness and Accountability.

These are the 3 most vital qualities that any executive business coach can render to you as a valuable service. Long-term stability and profitability can only be obtained with these 3 core qualities are in existence within any business.

Acumen – Quickness, accuracy, and keenness of judgment or insight. [from Latin: sharpness, from acuere to sharpen, from acus needle]

Adeptness – Skillful performance or ability without difficulty. [Latin adeptus from adipsc, to attain : ad-, ad- + apsc, to grasp.]

Accountability – 1.) A policy of holding public officials or other employees accountable for their actions and results. 2.) A form of trustworthiness; the trait of being answerable to someone for something or being responsible for one’s conduct. [from Old French acont, from conter, compter to count1]

The Ideal In Executive Business Coaching

While most people do not like to be told what to do, business professionals and executives greatly appreciate and esteem competence and reliability. So again, the value that any executive business coach renders to any executive or business is the ability to rapidly cut through any confusion and come to a workable resolution that will sustain.

The top challenge is that we become so rapped up in our business, that we either fail to see the big picture or we are so completely absorbed in one aspect of the business. Often, we do not possess the time to gain expertise to fully resolve the other vital areas within our business. For example, marketing and sales tend to be a weak point in most small businesses. What started out to be a great business idea, soon lands on the shore of reality that the better built mousetrap will not sell due to its inherent merits.

It Can Be Lonely At The Top

“It’s lonely at the top” appears to be truer than ever, according to a new study conducted by the Center for Leadership Development and Research at Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University’s Rock Center for Corporate Governance, and The Miles Group. Nearly two-thirds of CEOs do not receive coaching or leadership advice from outside consultants or coaches, and almost half of senior executives are not receiving any either, the survey reveals.

“What’s interesting is that nearly 100% of CEOs in the survey responded that they actually enjoy the process of receiving coaching and leadership advice, so there is real opportunity for companies to fill in that gap,” says David F. Larcker, who led the research team and is the James Irvin Miller Professor of Accounting and Morgan Stanley Director of the Center for Leadership Development and Research at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

“Given how vitally important it is for the CEO to be getting the best possible counsel, independent of their board, in order to maintain the health of the corporation, it’s concerning that so many of them are ‘going it alone,’” says Stephen Miles, CEO of The Miles Group. “Even the best-of-the-best CEOs have their blind spots and can dramatically improve their performance with an outside perspective weighing in.”

More than 200 CEOs, board directors, and senior executives of North American public and private companies were polled in the 2013 Executive Coaching Survey that Stanford University and The Miles Group conducted this spring. The research studied what kind of leadership advice CEOs and their top executives are – and aren’t – receiving, and the skills that are being targeted for improvement.

Why You Need Executive Business Coaching

Having spent 18 years as a CEO of an large organization with over 100 staff, I have the experience and hard-won skills to advise and coach other C-Level executives on how to deal with the common problems that can any business can face. In addition to my own executive background, I have lectured to over 10,000 individuals, leading hundreds of workshops on a myriad of business subjects over the last 20 years. Allow me to deliver to you the type of executive business coaching that you deserve and require.

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