Article written by Craig Brockie, CEO & Founder of Contrarian Advisors

Entrepreneur Marketing Tips From Craig Brockie

The reason I became an entrepreneur is because I like to have the freedom to do and earn what I please. I’m a fourth-generation business owner, so it has never seemed risky to me to be an entrepreneur. To me, it seems riskier to be employed by someone else.

Effective marketing is critical to small business success. Fortunately, the Internet has leveled the playing field, allowing David to compete with Goliath. A couple of hours per day dedicated to writing an article, blog post, and/or creating a YouTube video can help any unknown business owner and entrepreneur to become an authority in their field within just a few month’s time.

 My Top Entrepreneur Marketing Tips

1.) Design a keyword rich web site with a blog. With 11-years of experience as an SEO business owner, I guarantee you that you’ll be happy you did this. Be sure to have a call to action to get visitors into your sales funnel, so you capture as many email addresses as possible.

2.) Write often. Aim to publish some form of new content every day. I like to do this first thing in the morning. It feels great to be creative, productive and know that I’m furthering my goals.

3.) Find other web sites that allow you to publish your ideas. My most successful action is writing for, which distributes my articles throughout Yahoo News, Google News and to over 300,000 email subscribers.

4.) Focus on quantity first, quality second. I believe most people worry too much about creating perfect content. I do my best to communicate worthwhile concepts in a way that others can easily understand, but if I only have my iPhone camera available to shoot a video, I do it anyway. And if I don’t “nail it” after 3 or 4 takes, I use the best one and move on. I’m not perfect and most people can appreciate that. When it comes to written content, while typos are a concern, in most cases they can be corrected quite easily after the fact. The key is to get out there and get noticed.

5.) Network and ask for referrals. Find out where qualified prospects frequent and get involved there too. This could mean commenting on popular blogs or attending charity events. And never be shy about asking for referrals. Not everyone may be in the market right now for what you offer, but they may know someone who is.

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