Guest blog post by Dr. James deBoer

If your life or more importantly your children’s lives depended on you implementing an Emergency Preparedness Plan by simply reading, understanding and applying fundamentals, would you actually get it done? If you felt there really wasn’t much of a chance that you would ever need it, most likely you would not accomplish such an endeavor. 

What if it were possible to actually know ahead of time, that you and your family would have to face an unforeseen catastrophic and life threatening set of circumstances which were survivable? If you were prepared would you have persevered and got it done no matter what, given that prior knowledge? The answer is obviously “yes”. But therein lies the easily masked conundrum.

Why do most people ignore bad indicators in life, even when they are all around in clear sight for them to see? Why is it that only a few people can see what most cannot?  The answer is quite obvious for those who can see it, but are easily disregarded by those who cannot.

Normalcy & The Emergency Preparedness Plan

The cause is rooted in normalcy. This primary factor separates those who are prepared, as opposed to those who view life as stable with no outside threats. Lacking your own emergency preparedness planderives from a lack of knowledge of world events and how to survive them.

Unfortunately, this knowledge that prepared individuals have acquired is not readily available through our main stream media sources. It is primarily available through social media on the internet.  But even through the social media sphere there is false information, non-intentional as well as intentional, which requires a fair amount of experience to sort through and weed out. This factor alone is a primary reason why people are lacking factual information. By having access to truthful informations, they can increase their awareness and thus understand why having an emergency preparedness plan is so important to have in place.

I sincerely believe that I have never posed a more important series of questions than those you have just read. I hope I have peaked your curiosity and thus have captured your attention. Following is a very short but very important briefing on why I feel possessing an emergency preparedness plan is vital for you and your family at this time. I firmly believe if you had access to the correct information and knew what I know, you would already be prepared for any emergency, natural or otherwise.

Worldwide social issues and events have increased ominously over the past 10 to 20 years, resulting in a significantly elevated probability for a natural or man-made disaster occurring and impacting you, as well as your community.

The Rising Need For Emergency Preparedness

At this moment in time there is overwhelming and undeniable evidence supporting the critical need for regionally specific emergency preparedness planning. Have you considered what would happen in a matter of hours if our worldwide financial system collapsed or the power grid failed – or worse? What would you do if our food delivery system failed for a week or longer? What would you do if there was no water coming out of your faucet? How would you even flush your toilet? Would you be able to get out of harm’s way if there was no electricity to pump gas into your vehicle’s tank.

If you have not thought about this and put together an emergencypreparedness plan to easily deal with these issues and many more, before it happens, your life and the lives of the ones you love could very well be in imminent danger. Based on my education in this arena, personal experience, plus extensive current worldwide ongoing event knowledge, it is no longer a matter of if something could happen, but a matter of when a disaster could affect you and everyone else.

This is why I authored the and its supporting website, which together, will guide you through the process of developing a regionally specific Emergency Preparedness Plan for you and your family’s survival needs.

Taking A Proactive Approach To Your Emergency Preparedness Plan

There is absolutely nothing wrong with accepting help if it arrives, but you need to take a proactive approach to your family’s survival by being knowledgeable and ready, should it not arrive to you in time…if at all. In a recent American Red Cross Survey, 80% of Americans said, “They would be better prepared to deal with emergencies, if someone made it easy for them.”

EPP Book

The only way to effectively resolve the conundrum that I referred to is to provide you with a step-by-step “To Do” list. My book accomplishes this very goal, giving you the knowledge, information, resources, tools and support. Again, you can access this vital information at This workbook virtually takes you by the hand and walks you through the process, and at the right gradient for you. My EPP Workbook is the key to your family’s emergency preparedness plan and needs.

As an additional benefit to you: Once you have purchased your EPP Workbook for less than $10, I will also provide a link to download a FREE copy of The Ultimate Preparedness Reference Manual, ($65 value).  I was one of the original developers of this manual and believe it to be one of the very best resources available for emergency preparedness today.

Preparedness is the key to your survival. Click this link and Get Started NOW!

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