In today’s harsh economic environment effective selling skills are more important than ever. Every sales employee needs to know how to sell well, even if it’s just your company image or your actual products and services.

Are your salespeople up to the challenge? Can they interact with prospects and customers and consistently close sales? Or, are they clueless… good but not great… or great but pushy closers causing upsets with customers? And do they know effective selling skills to make their quota?

Anything less than an unqualified “YES” means your sales staff needs better training right now, because you are losing money in lost sales that you should be cashing in!

Effective Selling Skills Are Top Priority

A new book and training workshop, which enable newbies and seasoned sales professionals alike, shares effective selling skills and data that are being missed by other trainers! The book can be studied alone, with a partner, or in a classroom setting. It contains a complete, step-by-step sales training course that trainees check off as they progress through each step.

The result? Confident sales people who know and can apply with certainty the true basics of selling and the author’s proven sales approach; who can and do interact comfortably and effectively with prospects and customers, closing more sales more easily.

How Graduates Are Benefiting from these Effective Selling Skills

“The training gave me great insights into the different ways I can approach up-selling my customers.  I’ve learned that silence can actually be good. Instead of asking a ton of ‘nervous’ questions to try to get the sale, now I make the sale.”   K.M.

“I feel I have learned to listen. Now I give prospects a chance to tell me about their issues without making them feel rushed, which helps me with my calls.”  G.L.

“The workshop helped me focus on key points needed to successfully close a sale with a customer, and how to acquire their attention and keep their interest in my product while making the sale.”  R.M.

What Corporate Consultants Say

“There are ‘sales gems’ throughout the book which, as a whole, is a ‘must have’ for every salesperson’s sales kit.” — Arte Maren, internationally known, sought-after corporate trainer, author of The Natural Laws of Management: The Admin Scale

“A very good book for people who are looking to develop their skills in salesmanship.” — Patrick Valtin, President/CEO, New Era Management International

Why Lose Money You Should Earn and Keep?

You value your business, right? Well, how about your employees? Poor sales figures that cost you lost income today, could cost them their paycheck tomorrow. All because they are either too afraid to sell, untrained, or under-trained; worse, some have been badly trained and they have poor habits.

The situation won’t go away unless you get them trained correctly. In fact, things might even get worse, unless you act right away! This is why possessing effective selling skills is crucial to success.

LISTEN MORE SELL MORE, the book,sells for $19.99 retail. Purchase 10 or more for $15.99 each; 25 or more for $13.99 each.Volume purchases are rebated when shipped.

LISTEN MORE SELL MORE SALES TRAINING WORKSHOPS are priced ridiculously low: one Basic Fee of $1500 ― a savings of $1,000 ― trains up to 10 persons. (Above 10, add $200 per person). Plus travel expenses. For details, email to: [email protected]

Meet Ronald Joseph Kule, Effective Selling Skills Coach

The author of LISTEN MORE SELL MORE enjoyed a 40-year, international sales career, which began in 1970.  In four decades, he sold literally tens of millions of dollars of products and services ―door-to-door, business-to-business, business-to-consumer, in-home, and in executive level corporate settings to community bank presidents, credit union managers, hospital administrators, and their boards of directors. He also trained scores of people from all walks of life; some even hated the idea of having to sell anything.  He turned others into capable, honest, competent salespeople who are willing to sell anything with confidence and certainty. He likes to do this.

Remember: if your staff are confident, capable sellers, your business makes more money!

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