Edwin’s Bio

The Orange County Register referred to Edwin Dearborn as a “Marketing Expert”. Edwin has been featured in Entrepreneur, Social Media Today and other national media outlets. Edwin was formally educated in marketing and public relations in Hollywood, CA in the early 1990’s. He is the CEO of Premiere Leads Systems.

Edwin’s book, Power Branding Secretsreleased in July of 2015 became an Amazon bestseller. A book two years in the making, Power Branding Secrets reveals how any entrepreneur, startup or existing small business can catapult their brand’s awareness, thus generating more publicity, inbound leads and higher sales.

Edwin Dearborn is a veteran C-level executive, having been a CEO of a large non-profit organization in Orange County, CA for over 18 years. As a CEO, he was personally responsible for overseeing the planning and management of his 100 person staff. During his tenure, Edwin proactively lead many events and volunteers which resulted in ten’s of millions of dollars in funds raised for charitable organizations and programs around the world.

Edwin has also delivered hundreds of workshops and presentations to thousands of business professionals on communication, organization, marketing, as well as personal development and still travels around the U.S. as a keynote speaker for consulting groups, sharing his unique insight. Edwin is also open to requests to speak for businesses and non-profits around the globe.

Edwin Dearborn: A Family Tree Rich in Literature & American History

As a cousin of famed western author Louis L’Amour, I guess I was bound to  break out as a writer sooner or later. Many people do not know that Louis  L’Amour’s middle name was Dearborn. Additionally, famed author and anti-slave activist, Harriet Beecher Stowe, is also in my family tree. My grandmother on my father’s side was a Stowe. So my family lineage embraces two great authors.

My uncle from several generations ago was General Henry Dearborn. As a historical note, General Henry Dearborn was personally commended for bravery in battle by George Washington at the Battle of Monmouth, the single largest battle in the Revolutionary War. General Henry Dearborn also served in other battles, such as Bunker Hill, Saratoga, Quebec and was at Valley Forge with Washington. He also served as the Secretary of War for both terms under President Thomas Jefferson. General Dearborn’s journals during the American Revolution are considered as some of the most detailed accounts of the American Revolution for Independence.

My Personal Beliefs

I hold the deep seated belief that we are all spiritual and artistic. We are all born with a unique gift and a manifest destiny to fulfill. When we exchange this gift with others and fulfill our purpose in life, we become free and strong.  Living with purpose is art in itself with great rewards.

One’s art need not be music, painting or even something that has been traditionally classified and regarded by stuffy critics as “Art.”  For some it may be tutoring children, offering comforting words in private places or by simply helping others to live a more productive and prosperous life. There are many small corners in this world and and one of them has a place for every individual’s gift and purpose. It is my personal belief that some of the greatest artists in history were Aristotle, John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, Ronald Reagan and L. Ron Hubbard.

My personal idiosyncrasies are a love for motorcycles, American history and great coffee.