I used to be a big fan of David Meerman Scott. Now I elevated my status to complete and utter fan.

Last night I attended a live workshop given by David, sponsored by Linked Orange County. As David is a huge music fan and an expert on The Grateful Dead, I though he would appreciate my positioning of his workshop as a live concert.

Amongst the many authors that I follow and read, David Meerman Scott has had a huge influence in how I reinvigorated my career in marketing & PR. And I know that I am not alone in this story. If you are not familiar with David and his literary work, I strongly urge you to do so, as I have done so often in the past to begin the journey with his material.

How It All Began

My relationship with David began in 2009 when I went back into the field of marketing. Knowing I had to rapidly update my knowledge and skill sets, I turned to my Facebook friends for recommendations of what books I should read. A fellow member of my church immediately reached out to me and insisted that I purchase and read “The New Rules of Marketing & PR”. As this person was also fellow author, I acted upon his imperative command and purchased David’s book that day. I read it and it became my new compass to navigate my confusions and questions.

Back in 2009, terms like “blogging” and “social networking” sounded esoteric and slightly ominous. But in his typical style that I have come to discover in reading his books, David brought clarity. But more importantly, he assured me that the playing field was leveled and that I could become an influencing factor with my blog and social outreach. I became not only knowledgeable, but empowered.

The True Story I Was Able To Share With David

Too often, we forget to say “thank you”. I was able to do that last night with David by having the opportunity to share with him my true story.

I have easily pitched 500 business professionals, face to face, in the last 4 years on why they should either hire me or the several companies I have represented over the years. Now, I work for myself. But I have been employed by some pretty talented individuals in the past who hit the same wall we all do: ignorance and fear.

When I first began selling marketing services I would always hear the, “Why should I hire you?” My standard retort rapidly became: “You see this book?” (pulling out David’s “New Rules” book) “Either you can read this book and do it all yourself, because all that you need to know is right here. Or, you can hire me.” They usually hired me and asked me what the title of “that book” was. Unwittingly, David became my best tag.

This became my successful approach, and over the years I consistently shared David’s books and YouTube videos throughout my social media channels. As well, I have spread his good work with multiple friends in person. Great insight and workable know-how is hard to come by these days. As an enthusiast for pragmatic wisdom, I make an extra effort to share when I come across such information.

My Only Regret

I have only regret. You see, I still own that original copy that became my trusted sidekick. I thought not to bring it, as I was hoping to pick up the newest edition. She is weather beaten, resting on my favorite bookshelf at my office. She would have loved to meet David as well, sharing in our journey and our success. Until then, she rests for hopefully another opportunity to meet her rightful Yoda.

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