A cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles has perfected the art and science of giving your teeth a makeover. Dr. Paul O’Malley has over 25 years of experience in helping his patients throughout the LA area to overcome complex dental problems. Improving your smile provide a huge boost to your appearance, confidence and overall well-being.

A Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist That Gets It Right

The science of minimally invasive dentistry plays a key role in accomplishing great looking smiles despite the complexity of various dental challenges. While traditional dentistry and common cosmetic approaches will aggressively remove much of your natural tooth substances and replace them with bulkier blocks of dental material and fillers, the minimally invasive approach seeks to carefully retain and work with more natural material as possible.

Dr. O’Malley can now accomplish is a much stronger restoration and a far more natural tooth in both appearance and functionality. There is an additional benefit because a mouth that has been restored or repaired utilizing this minimally invasive approach is far less likely to suffer from future damage and decay. Often, dental cases that have been challenging in the past will even avert the future need for a painful root canal or extensive implants.

Dr. O’Maley is well trained and experienced in the many facets of cosmetic dentistry.  In addition, we have the latest and most advance equipment to deliver the dental services that will give you the happiest and healthiest smile possible.

If your teeth require straightening, we offer braces to properly align your teeth and bite.  If you desire a metal-free alternative, we offer Invisalign which consists of transparent aligners to straighten your teeth. Dr. O’Malley’s dental implants are a permanent answer to replacing any cracked, chipped or missing teeth you many have.  In addition, we offer veneers, which consist of a thin layer of composite or porcelain fastened on existing teeth, to improve its aesthetics.

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