To succeed with your content strategy you will have to confront this simple fact: It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Joe Pulizzi writes on Copyblogger:

“Content marketing is not a short-term campaign … it’s a long-term strategy to attract, convert, and retain customers.”

There are two key concepts in this quote: Having a campaign based on strategy and continuing that campaign over a long period of time. This is the “secret” to winning and succeeding with content marketing.

Content Strategy Must Be Based On Research

Seemingly, it has become vogue in business to be lacksidasical about developing a marketing strategy. And the first step in strategy is intelligence. Imagine a general going to war with no intelligence on enemy positions, movement or strength. That general has already list the battle even before engaging in warfare.

The same is in business. Your “better idea” will not win the day over the long haul. Of course, there is the rare exception. But the high incidence of business failure, as well as my own observation gathered from personally interviewing hundreds upon hundreds of business owners, has me concluding that this is the primary source of business failure.

How To Develop A Successful Content Strategy

1. Determine your purpose and goal for your content strategy.

2. Begin research by surveying past clients, as well as your target market. Included in your research is to look towards industry trends, search trends via Google Trends, SEM Rush, as well as many other analytic tools.

3. Formulate and write an overall strategic plan. This must be based on what you can do with what you have. If you base your plan on resources that you have no access to or cannot control, then you cannot move forward. Be detailed as possible covering all topics, areas of expertise, potential collaborations and potential ares of expansion.

4. Develop and write the actual tactics that will forward this strategic plan. Be detailed as possible, with how each will become achieved, as well as by whom and when.

5. Get to work. Exert an amazing amount of ambitious effort to get these targets achieved.

6. Measure your progress, success or lack of it. Through statistical management and analytic tools, you can see what is working and what is not.

7. Do 1 through 6 over and over until you have your marketing program and business processes nailed down as a winning system.

Why You Should Bring Me Onto Your Team

As a Marketing & Leadership Strategist, I have over 20 years experience in successfully developing and executing hundreds of marketing plans. Allow me to bring that experience and enthusiasm to your content strategy.

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