A chance meeting with an old friend of mine today inspired today’s blog post. It seems having a content marketing strategy is still doing a fly by over the heads of too many entrepreneurs and small business owners. And I do understand. Who really has extra time to delve into this content marketing stuff while one is coping, staying afloat and servicing existing clientele?

You Have Three Choices, Really

1. Adapt, learn how to, develop a content marketing strategy and then execute it.

2. Adapt by outsourcing the “how to” and your content marketing strategy. Then carefully manage how they execute it.

3. Don’t adapt and the die a slow or fast death.

Content Marketing Is SEO

SEO is beyond keywords. If you think SEO is keywords, then you will miss 99% of the opportunity that is possible with online marketing. Having a bunch of keywords stuffed into your static website is almost but dead as a strategy. What Google has now set up in their online measurements (called “analytics”) for is content created and content distributed. If you create good content consistently, it will spread by virtue of it being good.

Content Marketing Strategy 101

1. Build a website on WordPress and architect it right. In other words, build it professionally.

2. Sit down and develop a content marketing strategy. What content are we going to put out that would best tell our story? If you do not know how to or feel that you do not have the time nor patience, then hire someone to help you to develop your strategy. Like me!

3. Start getting out good content. This should accomplished with consistent blog articles. Ideally, you put out some videos as well. But do not worry, just get started. Now, distribute this content to your your followers on social media as well as through email.

4. Build up your followers on all relative social media channels and email. Relative means what makes sense for your business and crowd. Twitter is not for everyone. LinkedIn is best for B2B. Find what is right and sensible. By numerically building up your email list and your followers, you have more people who can receive and share your content with others.

5. Become a genius about content marketing and surround yourself with other geniuses. As PR icon David Ogilvy once said, “First, make yourself a reputation for being a creative genius. Second, surround yourself with partners who are better than you are. Third, leave them go get on with it.”

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