There are several content marketing myths. We are all hoping that this excitement and buzz surrounding content marketing was going to be the answer to our sales prayers. Content marketing is not some angel that will come down and bless your sales department with new leads. Content marketing, like any business process, requires hard work, persistence and intelligent application.

Content Marketing Myths Exposed

False expectations in business, branding, marketing, and even in life, leads to unnecessary disappointments. The idea that your content is going to go viral, or that in some way we can jerry-rig your content that will somehow manipulate the desires of audiences make your content go viral is hallucinatory.

Creating content is not going to have people banging down your doors the minute you tweet it, email it or post it on your blog or YouTube. While there may be a few examples of that viral magic that we can point to, this is so far from the norm for even the most powerful brands. There is no secret code or insider’s trickery to make your content go viral or creating massive demand in a matter of days or weeks.

The actual secret is to understand your target audience(s) so well, and then to create the content and services that consistently meets or exceeds their expectations. Rather than trying to crack the code on how to make your content “viralable”, I would highly recommend that you have a branding and marketing strategy that is consistently implemented. Over time, when the hearts and minds over of those who now have to love and trust your brand’s ethos, work ethic, services and products, you will gain their support as customers and as brand advocates.

Attempting to create content purely for the sake of having it go viral will make your brand look disingenuous and unprofessional. The real secret is staying consistent with your creating and distribution of your brand’s true purpose and mission. Content marketing myths kill businesses. Great content builds businesses.

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