It is hard to notice the loss of something when you were purposely not educated or informed about in the first place. Generations of improperly educated Americans has now lead our nation down a path that too few are commenting upon, or out rightly objecting to, in regards to the loss of our Constitutional Rights. And those few who contest their loss are systematically positioned by many media pundits as antiquated, paranoid or extreme. Many more of the general populace are covertly mollified with double-speak, political feel good slogans or a full-day dose of weekend football and beer.

The erosion of our Constitutional Rights has been the topic of contentious blog articles, media debates and television features. Since 9/11, the US Government has taken unprecedented actions to limit, curtail or simply outright walk upon the rights assured to all Americans in the US Constitution. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is such a recent example. Carefully crafted by Ivy League lawyers, cryptic and hidden in nature in long documents that not even Senators can understand, more laws are passed and Executive Orders and written, innocuously so, for our purported protection from the legions of potential, hidden terrorists in our midst.

Psychologists, paid and supported by short-sighted politicians, hit the air waves with numerous studies on how all our fears are really just chemical imbalances. Pharmaceutical companies now rake in billions annually around he globe. Of course, no one sites actual scientific studies or models to substantiate such humanistic based claims. But who is really paying attention with all the increased taxes and inflation, making it harder and harder for us to look above the din of political arguements, coupled with our own anxiety of how to pay our next month’s rent or mortgage payment?

All of this chaos, global melee and our “growing problems in society” are purposely and actively brought about by three types of individuals. Promoting the chaos, after generating it, is part in parcel of how they exist. Without the chaos, they have no way to generate income or personal power. The amount of finance that they garner from governments, foundations and well meaning individuals is staggering. The tremendous effort they exert to convince everyone how bad it has all become is incalculable. These three types of individuals are specifically: The Anti-Social, The Propagandist and the Do-Gooder. All three are have distinctive roles and actions in eroding not only our Constitutional rights, but they are aiming for a much more important and primary target in their treacherous mission : Our spiritual morale.

1. The Anti-Social. This is the real bad guy, the true bad apple that spoils the rest of the global barrel. He finances The Propagandist, who is quite often an Anti-Social as well. Birds of this feather only know this flock and so hang together. The Anti-Social is best described in the video entitled, The Cause of Suppression. He senses weakness and takes advantage of The Propagandist’s personal idiosyncrasies such as their ego, financial ambitions or even feeding some personal, aberrative behavior. He believes and practices social engineering as he or she believes that Man is really an animal, incapable of original or constructive thought. The Anti-Social is evil personified 24/7; driven to only take the rest of Mankind down with him. He is the true psychotic. History is strewn with archetypes such as Genghis Khan, Marx, Lenin, Hitler and Stalin. But such types exist in towns, schools and businesses. The are family wreckers, business killers and morale depressants.

Much like the relationship of a dealer to a junkie, the dealer knows how to wheedle the junkie so as to reassure them that feeding their addiction is how important they are in their life. A den of jackals so easily to turn on each other. There is no loyalty within the circle of Anti-Socials and Propagandists. Their prime concern is how each ones feeds each others insatiable appetite for insanity.

2. The Propagandist. Usually well educated in Psychology, PR and journalism. These three studies will eventually prove to him that his fellow Man is malleable and is nothing more or less than a stimulus-response brain stem. This serves him well as an employable factor for The Anti-Social, whose desire is to covertly conduct his social engineering aspirations and PR campaigns towards his one objective: To erode your willingness to protect and hold sacred your spiritual integrity & God-given freedom.

This is why The Anti-Social has pervaded heavily Academia. They need those “reputable people” to prove and promulgate to the rest of Mankind his inferiority. Believing that everyone else is like themselves, depraved and afraid, The Propagandist, often at the behest of The Anti-Social’s deep pockets, goes to extraordinary lengths and expenses to inculcate their principles of materialism and humanism. Similarly, evidence or organizations stating anything to the contrary to what the Anti-Social is advocating is railed against by these same propagandists and Academia experts. “Competition” is not allowed, nor can be tolerated, by this den of jackals. So the media and Academia perform their well-paid duties as propagandist. These too exist in a local and more personal level. For example, the lady in your neighborhood who is always up on the local gossip and regularly shares this with all neighbors she hopes pollute.

In 1928 Public Relations giant, Eward Bernays, published his book entitled, Propaganda. He was the nephew of Sigmund Freud and was singularly responsible for enhancing Mr. Freud’s reputation in America. Moreover, for decades to come a few US Presidents would turn to Mr. Bernays’ services in shaping US opinion about the Cold War. Showing his siding with the psychological school of thought, here is the opening chapter of that book entitled, Organizing Chaos “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of a country.”

Like Hegel, Marx and Lenin before them, human progress can come only from organizing chaos and conflict (Dialectic Materialism). Man has no spirituality, as all is material. Thought is derived not from our spiritual essence, but from matter exploding into more matter – the “Big Bang” theory. And so conflict they espouse in their research, in their logic and through their well-placed articles and findings. Strewn profusely through media channels who attended the same schools, ads paid for by the same Anti-Social masters, all tow the line to push forward strange and alien ideas of how Man thinks and why we have the problems in society. Mankind must be manipulated by unseen mechanisms from the invisible government Mr. Bernays refers to, and The Propagandist is there to oblige in his sordid endeavor.

3. The Do-Gooder. By definition in the English dictionary, he is a well-intended idealist and/or reformer who is naive and impractical. Simply defined as the “dupe”; gullible and shut off from the fruits of observation. They have a low confront of evil and so only attempt to think in positive terms. But even in this they fail.

At first, this seems odd that this person would make it as part of this double-dealing Trio. But they too need to attack your sense of morale or otherwise they have no reform to sell. It is necessary on their part to sell how bad an awful something is. No question, there is much pain and misery to rectify and all those hard working volunteers are not included in this type. The key personality flaws that makes this person an eroding factor to your morale is their ingratiating naivete and utopian impracticality that truly makes them annoying.

The Do-Gooder is easy to spot when you understand a key behavior pattern. They are earnest and so determined to right their wrong. they seek your support and enjoin your empathy to be a part of the movement. And the moment you do not, and ether express an opposing opinion or show them factual data and statistics to the contrary, they resort to invalidation and outright name calling. Politically correct labels are instantly assigned, like “racist”, “homophobe”, “conspiracy theorist” or “extremist”. They get outright mean and then resort with statements that you are cold, that you do not care at all for anyone else and all that you desire are selfish ambitions. They unknowingly follow the training pattern, carefully instilled into them from The Propagandist. The Do-Gooder eventually becomes the unknowing pawn in the destruction of morale and our sense of constitutional responsibility.

There are people that actually do good, but they do not resort to the name calling and the vilification of anything you hold dear or any opinion contrary to theirs. They go on their

It is the Do-Gooder that finds the most funding from Anti-Social interests and attracts the most press from The Propagandist. It is the Do-Gooder that is the easiest to infiltrate from intelligence agencies, who meticulously use the Propagandist as a front group for what the KGB called “Active Measures.”

This is the unholy trinity. The first two knowingly work together. The third is simply caught up and beguiled by the first two carefully, so as to serve their social reform interest. The Do-Gooder never suspects that they have become an instrument of the very freedoms that they so earnestly believe that they are moving FORWARD.

How We Revive Our Constitutional Rights

Education is the solution. It is no surprise that most students have not read the Declaration of Independence or that Thomas Jefferson wrote it. It is the denial of the education of our basic rights that makes them so easy to erode. An educated populace is the most basic action to ensure our freedoms.

“I think by far the most important bill in our whole code is that for the diffusion of knowledge among the people. No other sure foundation can be devised, for the preservation of freedom and happiness…Preach, my dear Sir, a crusade against ignorance; establish & improve the law for educating the common people. Let our countrymen know that the people alone can protect us against these evils [tyranny, oppression, etc.]and that the tax which will be paid for this purpose is not more than the thousandth part of what will be paid to kings, priests and nobles who will rise up among us if we leave the people in ignorance.” – Thomas Jefferson

Now is the time for all Americans to become educated and help others understand their Constitutional rights.

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