Business social media marketing can become a full time job for someone at your office, but it can be performed for less than one hour per day with effective results. But if your company possesses the capability to dedicate at least one person to this full or part time, you will elevate your brand well above your competitors.

Facebook Page

You may already have a personal Facebook account, but how do you extend that presence for your business? You have several options. You can register a Business Account, which is designed for a very simple presence on Facebook. There are many limitations on such accounts however, so you’ll most likely prefer to have a Business Fan Page. A Business Fan Page lets you create a page where customers or fans of your business can register as a “fan”. This can greatly social media reach of your business, as your updates will also appear to their pages.

You might also want to consider placing local ads on Facebook. I know several of my clients and friends who have developed valuable leads and revenue from these locally place ads on Facebook. These can be quite specific to the exact demographics and regions that are best for your business.

Local Directories, Moving Beyond Yelp

For a small business, local search can be a big source of new clientele. Being visible to your consumers looking for a business in their area is extremely important. Make sure your site is included in local business directories in order to help ensure that consumers find you when they need you.

First, make sure you check your competitors. Where are they listed? Another key local marketing strategy is make sure your business has been added to Google+ Local. Take the time to include all the information you can and update any old news. For many consumers, this will be their first interaction with the business.

Additionally, there are over 40+ local directories that you need to take advantage of to ensure that you are are not only being found in local search, but that you are building valuable backlinks to your website. If you need assistance with this, contact myself or your webmaster to ensure this is completed.

Business Blogging: Leveraging Top Local Key Words

Blogging is a powerful way to take advantage of business social media marketing opportunities. There are a handful of tools that can help you isolate local key words. These phrases will be tied around what you do and where you are located. For instance, “Los Angeles wedding florist” is a specific search. Many of these exist, and this gives you ample opportunity to leverage them via your blog posts.

As each new blog post is a new web page, the blog post should be centered around those key words and phrases. The URL will pick up the title, such as I strongly urge all of clientele to utilize a WordPress blog as their website. A WordPress blog gives you unlimited capabilities of having hundreds of keyword-centric blog posts that will find you at the top of page 1 on many of these phrases.

You need to also email these blog posts, as well as feature them on all your social media channels.

Utilizing LinkedIn To Generate B2B Leads

A lead generation process that works effectively with LinkedIn is:

  • Build a keyword rich & complete personal profile.
  • Activate that profile so you begin to share interesting, valuable, helpful content with your network.
  • Be consistently visible by posting often.

LinkedIn is not so much about selling. You have to engage and provide information of interest and value.

It’s a personal decision whom you connect with on LinkedIn and how you generate leads. It all depends on your business situation and if you want to make your network as big or small as possible. You only need to spend 10 minutes a day to make a good impact on your network. It’s about having a focus and a purpose when you go in.

Twitter? Really?

I get many business people who simply do not get Twitter. But any business social media marketing must include Twitter as part of their mix. LinkedIn gives you the ability to connect all your posts from their site to your Twitter account. Be sure to do this as a minimum. Your “tweets” should include hashtags (#) that include your city’s name or initials.

The potential for local marketing with Twitter is quite impressive. My best suggestion is to read The Tao of Twitter. By doing so, you will see the vast potential of reaching and connecting with local businesses and clientele.

Business Social Media Marketing Coaching

If you are looking to generating your best leads with an effective business social media marketing strategy, feel free to call me for a complimentary consult.

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