Branded content marketing is more of a long-term strategy, but developing branded content is a phenomenal way to market your small business. If you’re working alone or with a small staff and you just don’t have the manpower to write custom content, then wait a few months until you are a bit more established. But you may consider hiring writers to write content for you.There are many young writers, as well as retired ones, that can write an article for about $50.

Branded content is a great way to align your company with news and trends that are relative to your industry and field. When you have something intelligent to add to the dialogue you immediately establish yourself as an expert. Because so few people generate branded content marketing, you will rapidly garner attention to your business. Rapidly, attention turns into revenue.

The important thing to remember with branded content marketing is that it should be non-promotional. Your company’s services or business offerings should not be the feature. Instead, release an blog post or press release about once every month or so that reflects on issues that your industry is facing with some thoughtful commentary and analysis. This content can be shared on social media channels, as well as emailed to your contacts.

Another way to produce branded content is to conduct surveys in your industry and publish the findings that are relevant — the more unique the information is, the more likely it will earn attention.

The Power Of Video

A vital element to implement as part of your branded content marketing strategy is the use of video. Video can be done in a very informal way as technology is evolving and becoming simpler to utilize. In today’s world, we do not expect an expensive looking production to communicate the benefits of your brand. Interviews with satisfied clients or reports on industry trends from your office are considered accepted content.

Some Interesting Findings About Video Marketing

Video is reputedly 50 times easier to reach to page one of Google than it is with a web page (Forrester, 2011). And according to Searchmetrics, video results appear in roughly 70% of the top 100 listings in search results. These stats clearly indicate that the small business that does generate such video content will rapidly gain the upper hand over their competitors.

Most business believe that video marketing is the most difficult branded content to generate. While it can become expensive and complex, this does not usually need to be the case for most small businesses. I have helped many small businesses develop a cost-effective means of generating an effective video marketing content.

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