My Linchpin Book Review

Linchpin is not only the very first book that I have read by Seth Godin, but it also my first book review. And how appropriate that I venture to do such a thing, which is what Seth would encourage. Having read quite a few books on marketing and life improvement, I was captured by his sensibility and simplicity.

It takes a bold voice to speak truth. Further, it requires a non-conformer to acknowledge the very spirit in which it requires to change the world, or at least a part of it. Changing the world seems unreal to most, so unfortunately most people will not get the point of this book or pay heed to Seth’s words of encouragement to break free from their day-to-day and subtle brainwashing to be normal or become acceptable to corporate think. Far from being an agitator or rabble-rouser, Seth’s clarion call is for us to venture into a new, much freer world called “our art”.

I believe you have to be at the right time of your life to witness the power contained in this book. I would have titled the book differently. One suggestion: “Free Your Art.” I say this as most people have a desire to be an artist of some sort, and this may have had a broader appeal to the non-Seth crowd. But the book is his art, so more power to him.

Impressed with Seth’s ability to divine the gods of literary acumen, I look forward to reading his book once again in a few years when I am ready to venture out into something new. But during the process of reading this book, I experienced two successes, one with self and one with a close friend.

Self – started this blog. And I am doing it despite what Seth would refer to as my lizard brain (i.e. reactive mind).

And with my friend, while having trouble one late night with his business, I said, “Bill, you are an artist. You need to do your art.” Bill replied, “Most people think I’m crazy for thinking I am an artist. But you understand me.” He felt better and became relieved as this was an accurate observation that brough him relief.

Sometimes you need someone to understand and acknowledge you for what you truly are. And this is a book that can accomplish that.

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