The dreaded writer’s block. I guess we could not call it the blogger’s block in today’s world.

Getting inspiration for you as a blogger can mean the difference between your most recent best, or it can spell utter hell while you stare at your laptop. It has been my observation and experience that too many people wait for some outside influence to occur on their own, a moment of serendipity.

It is my contention that Life’s moments are filled with amazing and intriguing stories. Most great movies and books are about a slice of life. Blog posts as well. No real plot, not ending, no denouncement of any societal evil or a pronouncement of one’s mission statement. If you look around and talk to people with a keen interest at what is transpiring around you, serendipity will transpire. One has to be proactive and meet serendipity half way. That’s her deal.

Life did not stop because you failed to observe it. Life is life, and it is moving at full steam. What ceased was your interest in it. If fact, it is the only thing in this world that ceased to be created. For any writer to begin creating again, he needs to walk around and talk to people – with interest.

Last night I was with a old friend who just happened to become a new client. After we closed the deal, he offered to buy me dinner at a local sushi house in Montrose, CA. We had been old friends for almost three decades and we spoke about how whole movies and novels can be centered around a slice of life. It was at that moment serendipity fell upon me.

To overcome your vexed condition of “the writer’s block”, maybe all you need is to do is to get away, talk with some old friends over a great meal – and listen.

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