The reason why any small business would engage their best SEO program is to generate more customers and revenue. And while we all know this, what may not appreciated is that a competent blogger just might be the most effective addition to your sales force.

If you want to rank higher and higher on Google for all those “keywords” you’ve been hearing about, then you will need to completely appreciate and wrap your wits around this term: Content Marketing. As well illustrated in a blog article entitled, “Why You Should Fire Your SEO Firm if They Don’t Do Content Marketing” by Marcus Sheridan, the world of SEO changed dramatically in 2012.

The Role of Content Marketing For Small Business

There are only so many pages that you can put onto a website before it becomes obnoxious and repulsive. This is why an active blog that generates relative and interesting stories will shine well above your competitors effort to market. A blog does add content, but not by cluttering up your website with more links and pages.

Blogs can contain articles, photo’s, video, customer reviews, announcements, accomplishments and a whole lot more. But these articles cannot stand alone within the website. These articles must be distributed to more than just search engines by being optimized, which they must be as a matter of SEO protocol. You will need to also distribute these blog posts to all your social media channels and email. Moreover, you need to grow these followers as a key marketing priority. With larger lists, you reach more and more people with each new blog article.

Think of your blog as you would a newspaper and social media as your mailing list of subscribers. You are publishing content in the oldest sense of the word, as well as distributing this information (created by you) to a list of followers and readers. This strategy is what is replacing the outmoded sole “link building strategy” that most SEO guru’s tell you that they are so good at. If your guru is not helping you to get you to generate content consistently, or is generating that content for you as a service, then he is rapidly becoming outdated. Moreover, you are being ripped off. Your results will eventually fall as others jump onto the Content Generation bandwagon.

What Research Is Showing Us For 2013

Last month, BrightEdge reached out to 4,000 brand customers in 99 countries and 44 languages as part of the 2013 Global Enterprise SEO Survey. While you can go a see all the results for yourself, here is just a small sampling of their findings.

  • 80% of marketers will focus more on content creation and management.
  • 67% of marketers view blogger outreach and article creation as of most value.
  • 78% of marketers view social media engagement as of most value.

Moving forward with a detailed and holistic approach to content marketing, across all digital media channels, is very important to your SEO success in 2013. Producing, managing, and sharing content is going to be the key marketing priority for search marketers.

Hire a Blogger To Boost More Lead Generation

Inbound marketing concerns itself with generating content that will be found online, whether it is found through search engines or shared on social media. Numerous studies show that inbound marketing through blogging is the single most cost-effective way to generate new leads and paying customers. Even if your hire a part-time blogger, generating 2-3 blogs per week, this strategy can find yourself generating 77% more inbound leads in a matter of a few months per research conducted by Hubspot.

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