Proper B2B SEO marketing can change how your company attracts the best clientele. Any B2B marketing initiative, online or otherwise, should have a clear goal and strategy: Drive leads, convert those leads into sales, and generate measurable ROI from your marketing budget. Moreover, an effective and consistent B2B marketing strategy can position you as a leader. As you can see in this infrographic below, lead generation is the top objective fro those engaging in B2B content marketing and with any aspect of their SEO initiatives.

B2B SEO Marketing Addresses Important Goals

What Are the Crucial Components of B2B SEO Marketing?

  • Keyword Research – This is the foundation for any B2B SEO marketing program. Keyword research supports buyer persona development, target markets, and stands as a guideline for B2B content marketing and social media initiatives. Keyword research is not a one time activity for those businesses that want to stay on top of new trends, as well as deliver what their target marketing is searching for in real time. Content written for user intent wins the day, as well as keeping your content in the highest of rankings.
  • Content Optimization – Create your content assets so as to improve keyword visibility, acquire valuable inbound links and improve your social media presence. All of your content optimization initiatives must focus on the prospective customer first, emphasizing user experience and then lead acquisition. People are not necessarily searching content on how to become your customer. In one study, it was found that 59% of the people searching online were looking to complete an action of some type. Your content must be centered around helping your target audience to accomplish an important task or goal of theirs.
  • Leveraging Technical Advancements – Your marketing team must be uncovering and providing management with in-depth recommendations of technology issues and opportunities that might impact and improve search engine rankings. The online marketing world in fast-paced and those brands that learn how to leverage these advancements before their competition does will always posses the upper hand in attracting new customers, as well as branding themselves as thought leaders.
  • Inbound Link Acquisition – B2B marketing should always be assessing an internal and external review of owned assets, the competitive landscape, and industry initiatives that can lead to link building opportunities designed for long-term value; not short-sighted objectives. When link building is conducted incorrectly, it can have a negative impact on your search rankings. Link building is methodical, ethical and must be consistent.
  • Social Media Marketing – Social media and SEO work hand-in hand to deliver lead opportunities and differentiate brand communication, while presenting your earned media. Moreover, your content must be contextual to the audience and the channel utilized. The type of content that one may produce for Instagram could be much different than for Pinterest, even though both use images. Ensure that your social media channels are sending out content that is contextual to the ethos of the channel, as well as the expectations of your audience.
  • Content Marketing – Quality content is the foundation for all of your ongoing SEO and social media programs. With content, then what are you really SEO’ing? Without content what are you going to share on social media? Great content is the particle that travels upon the social channels.
  • Website Reporting and Analysis – What is the ROI of all this activity? You will need ongoing reporting analysis of key website visitor metrics, search engine and social media metrics, and performance of content and tactics as it pertains to lead generation and sales initiatives. As Peter Drucker once stated, “What’s measured improves.”

The Best Types of Content for B2B SEO Marketing

When it comes to B2B SEO marketing, one cannot achieve results with all the new algorithm changes initiated by Google without creating amazing, engaging and insightful content. This must be accomplished on a consistent basis. Sometimes the best content is purely for entertainment reasons. But in the B2B content arena, you better bring your “A Game.”

Google is in your head and in the head of your customers. Searches represent needs to be fulfilled. Google is getting really good at discerning and ranking user intent. So if you’re creating content, the focus is shifting. Writing for the user is becoming a much more  important reality to win in B2B SEO marketing, and the keywords themselves are getting a new job description.

Your content can no longer be stuffed with keywords to generate good rankings. Those that think that SEO is all about keywords prove to me that they do not study how fast the world of search marketing, social marketing and SEO is moving. Great content that is begging to be shared, well distributed, is the new foundation for SEO initiatives and will be so for some time.

Content is the Heart & Soul of B2B SEO Marketing

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