Having consulted hundreds of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups over the last two decades, I know that they all require affordable business lead generation services to successfully develop new sales.

Operating all the functions of a small business or startup, while also ensuring that enough leads and sales are occurring, can become daunting and frustrating for any business owner.

More than likely, you have handed out thousands of flyers, brochures, and business cards. You have pummeled your mailing list with postcards and letters. You’ve inundated your social-media tribe and email list with the same tweets, posts, and offers, but you’re still not generating those valuable business leads that you require to grow your company into a highly-profitable brand. There are most likely hundreds of methods that I could share with you how to generate affordable business leads, so do not lose hope or go into despair. I want to share with you the most cost-effective lead generation methods.

This is why I have simplified this challenge by packaging affordable business lead generation services that have proven to be effective in generating more new customers for all of my clients.

7 Affordable Business Lead Generation Services

1. Mobile Responsive, Fully Optimized Website. Most websites that I have analyzed are slow and have technical issues, even we they have been supposedly built by experts. In a matter of seconds, I can easily show any business owner the state of their website with simple tools from Google. It is not a matter of, “I’m better than the other guy.” It is simply a matter of hard facts that I can show any business owner with unbiased tools as to the current state of their website. It is these very unaddressed technical issues that is keeping your website from generating more business leads.

FACT: My business lead generation services address such important technical issues which Google deems to be undesirable.

2. Ongoing Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization (SEO) is not a one time action. Just like any business process, it must be conducted on an ongoing basis to ensure that you are growing and not remaining stagnant. Technology and Google’s best practices changes on a monthly, if not weekly, basis. Good SEO is about leveraging ethical link building practices, as well as generating good outreach to directories and citation websites that feature your business’s name, address and phone number.

FACT: My business lead generation services provide the industry’s best SEO actions, all in alignment with Google’s strict regulations.

3. Reputation Marketing. Sites such as Yelp, Google My Business, Angie’s List, and a host of others, can generate some amazing business leads. In fact, when you truly learn how to automate the curation of genuine 5-Star reviews onto these sites under your business’s brand, you can experience significant growth.

FACT: I offer the most effective reputation marketing services.

4. Social Media Marketing (paid advertising). Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become wise as to the power that they now wield. Your postings on these social channels are not reaching the majority of people who follow you. One report by Locowise found that around 7% to 11% of your Facebook posts are being seen by your followers. Twitter is about the same and LinkedIn is slightly better. But the bottom line is that you need to leverage paid social media marketing actions to generate your best leads from these social marketing channels.

FACT: I can help you develop a social media marketing strategy to generate fantastic business leads.

Email & Business Lead Generation Services

5. Email Marketing. Email is the single most important customer data base that you could possess and market to. Email is the king of content distribution and staying connected with your customers and interested audiences. In this article by KISSMetrics, they give 5 resounding reasons why email rocks the marketing house. I recall a business that had been around for 25 years and was stagnant in their growth. The very first question that I asked them was, “Do you regularly email and mail to your past customers?” Not only was their answer a swift “NO”, but they had not even compiled either list for use. Within 3 weeks, we scoured all their invoices and compiled these important lists. We then began to regularly send emails and postcards. Within 3 months they experienced their highest level of sales in their history.

FACT: My business lead generation services help businesses utilize their lists to develop their best leads, repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.

6. Video Marketing. Video marketing is still an untapped marketing resource, allowing for terrific exposure and inbound business leads. Video marketing opens the door for small businesses, startups, and even solopreneurs, the opportunity to create trust and establish themselves as an authority within their industry or city. Additionally, it has never been easier to create video content and engage with audiences when compared with text-based content. My own YouTube videos still rank on page 1 of Google for some of my most profitable keywords, even though I created those videos over two years ago! They are still working for me twenty-four seven.

FACT: I have the proven know-how and skills to create highly-optimized videos on YouTube. My video marketing services are considered by many business professionals to be the most ingenious method to create high-quality content.

Blogging & Business Lead Generation Services

7. Targeted Blogging & Content. As you can see from the infographic above, blogging is an effective method to drive inbound business leads. While most small businesses and startups do not blog, I am here to tell you that a consistent blogging strategy is how you can target audiences who are searching online, looking to purchase for exactly what you offer. The benefits of blogging are:

  • The ability to target many keywords without having to add more and more pages onto your website.
  • Signaling to Google and other search engines that your site is alive with new content being created on a routine basis.
  • Gives reasons for your audience to come back to your website, as there is new content to discover.
  • Dramatically increases the amount of social shares.
  • Gives you new content to share with your weekly emails.

The biggest blogging challenge is the time to conduct the research and to write such blogs. Additionally, many business owners do not feel confident with their ability to write professionally. These very challenges can be overcome with the following strategies:

  • Hire part-time, professional writers to create your blog content.
  • Crowdsource the activity by having employees pitch in, writing blogs from their perspective.
  • Invite guest bloggers from other non-competitive brands to post onto your blog.
  • Conduct webinars and then have the content transcribed and converted into a blog post.

FACT: My business lead generation services includes coaching and strategies to develop the best way to leverage the power of blogging to help your business grow with more customers.

My Business Lead Generation Services

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