Advanced content marketing tactics go well beyond an optimized website, having a Facebook page and sending emails.

Content is information shared online as well as offline. Regardless of what you sell, you have to convince someone else that you are the most optimum choice for their needs and demands. The decisive point could be price, features, convenience or brand loyalty, just to name a few factors. But what ever the promoted and perceived advantage is of what you are offering, you need to take it to a higher, more professional level if you are going to employ advanced content marketing tactics.

What Are The Advanced Content Marketing Tactics For Me?

Not every business is the same. Each business has a uniqueness to it, even within the same industry. While marketing a number of dental practices can appear to be similar, and in many cases they are, there are differences based on who the dentist is, where there office is located and the types of procedures that they want to accentuate in their practice.

Advanced Content Marketing Tactic #1: Start with a survey and a simple Business SWOT Analysis. Gather data on how to best navigate the marketing and sales water, as well as narrowing your tactics to reach your sales goals more efficiently.

Advanced Content Marketing Tactic #2: Most businesses will not consistently blog. Those that do will rank higher online and generate more inbound leads. This is a proven fact through numerous studies. The key transition is your thinking and what a blog can become. You need to stop thinking like a sales person and begin to embrace becoming a publisher by elevating your website into a “media center”. Have your team members blog, bring on quest bloggers or hire a part-time writer to perform this vital task.

Advanced Content Marketing Tactic #3: Focus your social media efforts into a channel you will commit to. You will get much further mastering one, maybe two, then becoming dispersed on many. This does not mean that you cannot share across many channels, such as your blog posts and videos. But you will become much more effective by mastering just a few. For B2B, LinkedIn is your choice. For B2C, you should be utilizing Facebook primarily.

Advanced Content Marketing Tactic #4: Implement video into your marketing mix. If you add videos to your marketing mix, then you are tapping into the second largest search engine in the world: YouTube. My suggestion is to hire out a local college student who is studying film. Their talent level is better than you think and they are looking to build up a portfolio and some extra cash. Your videos can be optimized for local search, as well as key words and topics within your industry. The amazing aspect of video content is how many different ways one video can be leveraged. It can placed on YouTube to be found there, embedded in a blog and/or website, shared on social media, placed within an online press release, as well as sent out via email.

Advanced Content Marketing Tactic #5: Learn how to “repurpose” your content into other formats and usages. Take your content from one platform and transform into another. Multiple blogs posts can be repurposed into an ebook or a printed brochure. Your YouTube video can become a podcast. Your Google+ Hangouts session can become a YouTube video and podcast, as well as transcribed into a blog post. The cross pollination possibilities are almost endless.

Advanced Content Marketing Tactic #6: Go live with your content. You need to meet people in person, particularly with seminars, “bootcamps” and even live webinars. This really is some of your best content as people cannot only see your expertise, but you can handout brochures, FAQ sheets, business cards, as well as give info on what they can find on your website or in your new book.

Advanced Content Marketing Tactic #7: Work ON your business, not just IN your business. This begins with developing an insatiable appetite for learning and becoming better at content marketing and business. The most important aspect to work on is your own enhancement. Self-development is the “X factor” in business and in life. You will need to ingest intelligent, relative and timely content on a continuous basis. Otherwise, you own content will become dated, stale thus will not connect.

Let Me Help You Implement Your Advanced Content Marketing Plan

As an content marketer and Executive Coach, I would love to meet with you to see how I may assist your efforts to take your sales to a much higher level of viability.

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