To win in sales, you need to engage in the best marketing ideas that will attract ideal clientele. Moreover, it is important that these ideas can be implemented in a short period of time and with minimal expense.

According to Madwire Media, “Small businesses are obviously interested in growing their companies, but what the survey suggests is that owners are not recognizing the immense value behind developing targeted inbound marketing campaigns. While improving websites is essential to Internet marketing, there are ways to incorporate customer loyalty and other marketing points through Internet-based campaigns that are proven to drive phenomenal results. With the right approach, Internet marketing may not only prove cost-effective for a business, but trends suggest that the return on investment can prove much greater than traditional forms of marketing.”

Here Are 9 Best Marketing Ideas You Can Utilize

1. Meet People In Person & Collaborate – There simply is no substitute for meeting people, making eye contact and collaborating. The hardest action to take, particularly for start-ups and those strapped for cash, is to listen and to give. Your own demand for income can be such that you tend to focus only on your own concerns. As a result, you do not take into consideration the needs of others. Great brands and business offer and render amazing service and care. While you cope to make your income needs, be sure to get out to meet people. Help them as best as you can and if you are genuine in your concern, they will see it and want to do business with you.

2. Write A Simple, But Effective Marketing Plan – This is where 98% of the businesses I interview or coach fall down. This may seem like a needless exercise, but let me pose this question to you: How can you implement your best marketing ideas if you are not coordinated with yourself? A well-written plan does not have to be long or complex. In fact, some of my best marketing plans have been typed on a single piece of paper, two-sided.

3. Create A Fully Optimized LinkedIn Profile – A well crafted LinkedIn profile can become your 2nd website. Ensure that you take full advantage of what you can do with this tool. You can include keywords so as to be found by those looking for your services, as well as adding reviews, videos, links to your website and much more. Here is a resource from Hubspot on how to leverage LinkedIn.

4. Email Is Your Best Digital Outreach – Start your email list as soon as possible and get a weekly newsletter or announcement our each week. Ideally, you want to send valuable information, like a blog post, a case study, an ebook or such. But if you do not have these to send, offer something free or a survey. Here is a blog post on email that will give you some direction.

5. Ask For Referrals – We all know word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective of all. It costs less, generates great clients and factually, puts us in front of the best clients. This can be a proactive source of new business, versus the common idea that it happens when it happens. The most successful method that has garnered my most referrals is, “Who do you know that needs help with __________?” There are hundreds of ways to generate word-of-mouth leads, but the most direct method is to ask for them.

6. Your Blog Is A Must  – I know, you have no time and you don’t know what to blog about. Let me put it this way: Those who publish content and the ones who generate more business. If you cannot do it, then delegate the blogging to your staff or hire a writer. There are retired writers looking for extra work, as well as students at your local college. Often, you can get others to write guest blog posts and they will do it for free so as to gain exposure for themselves for what they offer.

7. Facebook Ads – This is a very effective way to reach specific types of individuals within any determined geo location. You can begin with a very limited budget, and as the income starts to build up, so can the financial budget committed to your marketing campaign.

8. Local Directories & Reviews – Sites such as Yelp, Merchant Circle, Google+ Local and are highly optimized sites and are a great way for potential clientele to find you online. It is key that you have your happiest clients place their reviews onto your sites. Be sure to add all your key company data, such as your address, phone number, photos, videos and all the services that you offer.

9. Repurposed Collateral Material – When you create any content, such as a blog post, video, brochure or FAQ page, attempt to see how it can be “repurposed”. In other words, “How else can I leverage this information?” Maybe you best blog post can be turned into a brochure or an email, or vice versa. I suggest you take your best web content and turn into a brochure or marketing slick that can be left behind after an interview. It can even be given to your referral sources to hand out to their contacts. One great blog article can be repurposed into a YouTube video, a podcast, a brochure and even a Slideshare presentation.

These Best Marketing Marketing Ideas Can Be Done Inexpensively

The good news is that all 9 of these best marketing ideas can be accomplished with relative ease and with no or very little cost. As your income increases, you can now take these actions to an even more professional level, even delegating them to hired professionals or staff. Or you can contact me to assist you!

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