Owning and running a viable business can depend on implementing proven small business marketing ideas and tactics. Having great products or services is no longer an assurance that the world will beat down your door to conduct business with you.

The days of placing an ad in the yellow pages are pretty much gone. Conducting an outbound call program can be expensive and slow for a small business. In today’s economy, you cannot waste time and effort while the world is moving rapidly with technology. The speed in which we interact with each and decide on whom to do business with is beyond comprehension. Your need for proven small business marketing ideas has never been greater.

With limited budgets, a small support staff and the necessity to generate return on your marketing fairly rapidly, you have to invest in only those proven marketing ideas that will absolutely deliver results in terms of new clientele and higher revenue.

Small Business Marketing Ideas You Can Implement

  1. Emulate success. There already exists someone in your industry whom is highly successful. I would make it a point to find out who they are and interview them in detail. I would discover not only the obvious marketing points, but also the finer points in customer service, employee training, branding, etc. Study them and emulate their proven actions.
  2. Create a customer loyalty program. You will spend a higher percentage of marketing dollars getting someone to do business with you the first time. So when they do arrive for that first time, you want them to come back again and again. This is where the true profitability exists. By giving your clients preferred status and benefits, they will want to come back to enjoy those benefits. This type of VIP status can be worked into your offers as unique packages, as well as special discounts.
  3. Use your email. It has been proven that email is far more effective than Facebook or Twitter. Email rules the roost in the online marketing world. In your website and in your contacting people in person, make it an effort to collect their email address. Assure them that you will not sell your lists. Depending on your business the frequency of your emails can vary. I suggest once a week. There are many fine email marketing companies, such as iContact, that allow you to send aesthetic and effective emails for a small fee per month.
  4. Utilize a social media platform that makes sense. I would rather see you use one social media platform really well than to have 10 platforms that just sit there and never become engaged. If you are selling in the B2B world, learn LinkedIn well and dominate its potential. You would get much further, marketing wise, engaging with one platform really well than looking amateur across the boards.
  5. Network in person. You need to get involved with actual people if you are going to be successful in business. This may be through your local chamber, sports sponsorship, your church, BNI, or the literally hundreds of groups and social meetups that exist. You can find these on the web and asking your clientele how they network with other people and businesses.
  6. Curate great reviews and share them. A recent survey found that consumers trusted brand recommendations from friends or users they trusted online, while only 10% said they trusted messages from display advertising. A strong content marketing strategy hits closer to the 90% trust level than any paid banner ad at the other end of the consumer trust scale. Concentrate on building positive reviews on Yelp and Google+. Collect your rave reviews and place them on your website, as well as share across all social media channels and via email.
  7. Begin marketing with video. Google loves video as well as people. Video is the easiest and most effective content you can create and share. When it’s complete, upload it to YouTube and then embed it on your website, and share on all your active social media channels. Most businesses consider this the most difficult content to create. Video marketing is without a doubt the leader in your ability to educate, inspire, engage as well as propel your message virally.

If you ever need assistance in developing and implementing small business marketing ideas for your endeavor, I would love to sit down with you for an hour and see what we can do to rocket your profitability with a customized content marketing strategy.

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