Content marketing is the new SEO. In fact, it has always represented your best SEO strategy for quite a while. The heightened recognition for competent content marketing strategy was underscored when Google upgraded their algorithm in 2012 to assure that their adherents would get what they came for – quality content.

Many unsuspecting businesses, whose SEO gurus had assured them that they were conducting their best online tactics, soon found their rankings going down the drain. Rigging the system with sheer linking was soon going the way of the Dodo. Business people were upset, and the SEO guru was busying blaming Google for their own ineptness and bad advice. While these algorithmic changes accentuated the need to develop real content, content that was relative and worth sharing, everyone seemed to be asking the key questions about how to engage in content marketing correctly.

More than ever any business inspired to succeed must develop and implement a content marketing strategy. This is the new SEO strategy that forms the firm foundation of all else that you want to achieve in building links and having your information broadly shared across social media channels. After all, a business is simply trying to garner attention and develop more and more revenue, a role where great content marketing shines.

While there are literally tens of thousands of articles on what content marketing strategy is, how it is formulated and how one should go about executing it, there is very little being written on the barriers to it ever taking place and moving forward. While many know the mantra “Content is King”, very few actually engage in effective content marketing. Why is that?

Before you shove your foot on the gas pedal, ensure your emergency brake is disengaged. Here are the 7 barriers that act as a brake on your car.

1. Lack of Know-How – The biggest barrier in marketing, or any endeavor, is real know-how. Those who are not knowledgeable enough to conduct some aspect of content marketing will back off from doing it. Either learn how or hire someone that can go about it effectively and professionally. Of the 7 barriers listed, this is the easiest one to overcome. Even the untrained can remain ambitious and thus still seek professional help and move forward.

2. False Information & Advice – There are still too many people in the SEO industry who are trying to engage in content marketing with minimum standards, and even some who conduct pure rip-off as a business model. Bad advice in investing your money will eventually leave you broke and/or disillusioned. The same is true with content marketing. Be sure to ask for case studies, reviews and referrals to ensure that your content marketing is in the right hands.

3. Defeatism – It is sad to go on an interview and have the CEO or marketing team shoot down all your ideas telling you, “We already tried that and it didn’t work.” Trying to help these business people is like trying to get your unruly kid in the car who does not want to go anywhere. Emotionally defeated business people are all but impossible to help. When I see this, I indicate that their attitude is sour and then excuse myself from the interview. About 20-25% of business people fall into this category.

4. Success – You heard me right – success can be a barrier to creating even more of it. Success can be quite the soothing reason to stop marketing. “Why push it when everything is going great?” The world is full of moderate-plugging-successes who just do not have the ambition to take their business above their personal comfort zone. The next level means hiring more people, working more hours and time away from sailing or golf. Leisure and retirement are more on their mind, not increasing their sales with more marketing.

5. Disorganization – It is hard to focus on something external when you are in pain. I find many business people so wrapped up in the foment and noise of internal disorganization that they simply cannot listen to a word you say. Frazzled, tired and grumpy, the disorganized individual balks expansion as this expansion represents ushering in more pain. They abhor the idea of expansion, so of course avoid effective marketing.

6. The Unwillingness to Change – Stuck in old ways can be a tough barrier to overcome. I have heard people openly admit that they are not willing to change, unyielding to the evolving world around them. There is some sense of romantic nostalgia to holding onto old ways of doing business. I call it unreasonable stubbornness. These types still have their Rolodex and are a member at their local chamber, and that’s about it. Typically, it takes a financial disaster to get them willing to hear new ideas.

7. Party Crashers – A small percentage of individuals have an agenda to nullify and debase others who strive to achieve success in life. Unfortunately, these people are adroit liars, all the time professing their desire to “help”. Anti-social personalities advocate ineffective marketing, their reasons being many. “Too expensive”, “No one will ever read your blog anyway.”, “I know someone who failed at that.” and other such advice intended to submit their victim to a downtrodden life. The handling is simple: Bye-bye.

In Conclusion

Success can be obtained with a competent content marketing strategy when you know what you are doing, know where you want to go – and have all the brakes off as listed above.

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