This is a guest blog post by Karleia Stenier

Looking to elevate your creative genius at work? As a renowned entrepreneur, Frank VanderSloot has taken the world by storm in founding Melaleuca, a marketing company aimed at selling nutritional supplements and other products. Like many entrepreneurs, Mr. VanderSloot exemplifies an ability to take risks and see what the future holds. He is a great example for employees in their daily lives at the workplace.

If you are seeking to become a successful business owner, it is vital that you realize how important it is to value employees and the creative genius that they have to offer. Creative employees add tremendous value to a business, and here are three principles that you can use to nurture creative genius in your workplace.

3 Principles That Will Elevate Your Creative Genius At Work

1. Encourage employees to raise new ideas, no matter how daring or risky they may be.
Be willing to encourage your employees to share their ideas. You may give your personal address to all of your employees so that they feel a deeper connection with you as a business owner. Tell your employees that they can email you at anytime of the day. If you establish an open connection with your employees, you will be better able to promote the free flow of ideas in your workplace.

2. Host town hall meetings to receive updates from employees.

Town hall meetings are also a great way for employees to openly share their ideas. Town hall meetings help employees to feel recognized for their contributions to a company. Creating a discourse may also help employees to collaborate with one another to elevate creative genius in your workplace. An employee may have suggestions on improving the functionality of an idea in the workplace, and this combined effort may be able to have a great impact on your company.

3. Create an open seating environment in the office.

An open seating environment is another way in which you can facilitate the free flow of ideas in your workplace. With an open seating arrangement, people feel more willing to express themselves. Successful companies like Google utilize the open seating arrangement in the office, because they realize how much it helps in nurturing creative genius.

If you want to take your company next to the level, it is time to start thinking about how to expand on the creativity of your employees. Investing in the creative genius of your employees will help your business to stand out on the marketplace. You may also find that an employee has the million dollar idea that can benefit your company.

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