There are 3 LinkedIn marketing solutions that you can find right on LinkedIn’s own website. As you will find, these are paid advertising services that are available to businesses to reach other professionals. I have helped many business with generating highly qualified leads, just as I am doing on July 20th, 2013 in my “LinkedIn Marketing Solutions” workshop.

But the question remains, “How can any SmallBiz leverage LinkedIn marketing solutions on a small budget?” I believe that there are 3 guerrilla marketing tactics that you can implement using the free access that you already possess as a member of the LinkedIn community.

These 3 simple, yet highly effective marketing methods, are as successful as you remain consistent in utilizing them. Inconsistency is the ruin of many marketing programs that small and medium businesses attempt on their own. Often the problem is not the workability of their marketing program, but that they have failed to remain consistent in their marketing actions. Factually, LinkedIn is not an instantaneous “silver bullet” to your need for more leads. But nonetheless, it can prove highly profitable when actions are sustained over time and you conduct yourself professionally.

3 Cost-Effective LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

1. Be involved daily. Of the over 200 million members on LinkedIn, only 35% of those members engage with this top B2B platform on a daily basis. Even if for only 10-15 minutes per day, get involved by viewing what your connections are saying and posting. You can comment if you feel compelled to do so. You may want to read one of their blog posts or quotes that they posted, as well as comment or “like” or “share” that post. You need to show up and participate. This is social media, so begin by participating and engaging with others.

2. Share things that are relative to your brand. You must speak up as well as share things about your company, but in a manner that does not sound like blatant advertising. We all know you want people to do business with you, so take the time to demonstrate your knowledge, insight and your passion and interest for industry topics and trends. The better the content that you share (blogs, videos, infographics, meme’s, etc.), the more engagement you will invite. This type of activity positions you are a thought leader and someone who is engaging.

3. Welcome new members and offer something irresistible. To truly delve into the LinkedIn marketing solutions you’ve been looking for, take a step back and ask yourself why the person you are connecting with is doing so? They too want to exchange business and/or know-how. When someone connects with you for the first time, welcome them to your network and send them something such as a link to an offer. But do without sounding like a used car salesperson. If I owned a restaurant, I might offer them a free desert when they visit for the first time. It could as simple as, “If you know of anyone that could use ______, please send them this link to our website which demonstrates how we may help them. I look forward to seeing what your company has to offer as well.”

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