Social media networking for business seems to be a waste of our time. Moreover, it is frustrating when nothing tangible results from our effort, in any field.

Does Social Media Networking For Business Work?

Clearly, when engaged upon correctly and consistently, social media networking for business can curate and nurture some of your best leads and referrals. I am still amazed at how fast people give up on using social media networking for business despite the statistics indicating its power to help any business grow.

Setting up a profile amongst 230 million members (just on LinkedIn) is not unique or special; it’s a start. Allow me to share with you 3 insights that will help your path to greater certainty, and thus profitable results, with the use of LinkedIn as a business networking tool.

Insight #1 – Become Proficient With LinkedIn

Focus on one social media platform for now. LinkedIn is undoubtedly the leader for B2B social media networking. Learning how to wield LinkedIn is an ongoing journey. You need to learn on a gradient. Do not worry that you do not know “everything about LinkedIn”. Begin by fulfilling a complete profile, connecting with the right public and posting your blog posts, comments and general announcements as a routine action.

Additionally, LinkedIn itself is growing and evolving. So you will have to adapt to those changes as they add more capabilities and service points. A great way to stay on top is follow people on LinkedIn who are experts in LinkedIn networking. They will share their new blog posts when these changes occur. Additionally, many of them have written books. One great author and LinkedIn expert to follow is Neil Schaffer.

Insight #2 – Become Interactive

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” ― Aristotle

The quote is appropriate to becoming proficient with social media networking for business. I suggest that you start early in the morning, and dedicate at least 20-30 minutes a day posting and engaging with LinkedIn. If you blog, you will need to set aside several hours a week to this activity.

Insight #3 – Become Valuable To Others

If all you do is try to use social media networking for business to attract attention to you and your products or services, you will be disappointed.

Social media networking is not advertising. But this does not mean that you cannot promote your skills, prowess and insights. A great way to do that is to introduce some type of free offer when you first connect. Welcome them and offer them a free video course, a white paper, or even a webinar. Give something of value and you are now beginning as someone who serves others.

I coach people to be natural, to be themselves and to not always emulate others. We definitely study and can learn from others. But we need our own voice of authenticity to come across for social media networking for business to truly shine.

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