There are thousands of ways you can promote your small business. With the right mix of utilizing these marketing tips for small businesses, you can identify and focus on the most effective marketing tactics that will generate your most ideal clientele. As a result, you will create higher revenue. But what are best from all the many options?

Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Marketing a small business can be very expensive.  One of the biggest mistakes that I have seen small business owners do is to spend a ton of money on marketing their businesses, yet fail to generate the ROI from their marketing dollars.

1. Determine who is your ideal client. By knowing exactly who they are, how they think, as well as how to best reach them, your marketing dollars are more effective. Market research is a vital primary step in any marketing plan.

2. Have a marketing plan & budget in place. Without a written plan, you will either become disorganized or stop your marketing altogether. Planning is the key to efficiency and rapid growth.

3. Be found on local directories. Local directories, such as Yelp, are vital for your local marketing efforts. There are over 45 that I have my business listed with and so could you! If you need help with this, contact me for assistance.

4. Leverage testimonials & positive reviews. These are your most powerful source for new business, as people believe reviews from their peers much more than they do paid advertisements. Ensure that that your Yelp page has many positive reviews.

5. Build up your email list and use it. Email is still more profitable than social media and local search as a marketing tool. I know one business who increased their sales by 20% by just mastering their email marketing efforts.

6. Connect with people in person. Nothing will ever replace a handshake and talking with someone eye-to-eye. Events, meetings and other opportunities exist for you to network in person.

7. Crowdsource you marketing efforts. Crowdsourcing can be an effective means to generate an almost endless source of content for your marketing. Employees, clients and industry experts can be tapped into for ideas as well as creating blog posts, videos, case studies and testimonials.

8. Speak up. By offering workshops, seminars or even webinars, you position yourself as the “go to” authority for answers, resources and business. Public speakers are respected and admired.

9. Utilize video. Video is a powerful means to rapidly communicate and inspire new business. Videos can be found on YouTube, sent through email and social media, as well as embedded in your website and in blog posts. If you are unable to do it, then hire a college student or local marketing firm who is proficient with video. I use Blake Carver for all my own video production.

10. Facebook is the internet. Facebook factually is the internet to many people. Be present and post your best stuff, your offers and your positive reviews. I have also see great success in using paid ads on Facebook to target exact audiences.

11. Connect with other local professionals via LinkedIn. This social media channel is particularly powerful for those that are B2B oriented. But by no means should your limit it to just the B2B world.

12. Secure you own Google+ Local page. This is a must for local marketing efforts, as this listing alone can mean tens of thousands of dollars in revenue per year. Click here on how to get started!

13. Engage with local and/or industry bloggers. Bloggers are powerful “brand evangelists”. Send them info on your company or invite them in to find out more about you. Their posts can reach an even broader audience than you would ever be able to reach on your own.

14. Publish keyword rich content via your blog. Blogs are a powerful means to utilize local keywords. This is such an underutilized local marketing tactic, that it could be your profitable edge over your competition.

15. Utilize online press releases. Press releases are not just for big companies. They can be published for very little money to announce new offers and news worthy items. One great service for this is 24/

16. Ask for referrals. I have found that your most ardent and loyal clients will be more than happy to refer you their friends and family. Speak up and ask for them.

17. Offer a rewards program. By offering incentives and rewards, you inspire people to come back and spend more. This can be very simple and easy.

18. Get involved in community events. Either by sponsoring local sports teams, getting involved with your church, temple, mosque or center, you can reach even more like-minded people. People tend to support those businesses that show that they care to become engaged with local activities.

19. Collaborate with other, non-competitive businesses. By teaming up with other businesses, you can generate your absolute best referrals. If your a florist, team up with wedding and event planners. The potential partnerships are only limited by your energy and creativity.

20. Offer something free. Free is still a powerful pull in marketing. If the word “free” turns you off, then can use the words “complimentary”, “without charge” or even “gratis”.

21. Acknowledge your best performers. When you reward productivity, you get more of it. This may be employees as well as your referrals sources. This does not have to be limited to just monetary rewards.

22. Take customer service over the top. Hospitality builds strong customer loyalty and many more referrals. Even when you make a mistake, go out of your way to service people above their expectations. People never forget those who made them laugh, smile or feel appreciated.

23. Analyze success & strengthen it. By always asking people how they came to find out about you and why they keep coming back is important information. Any business owner who wants to master marketing must be kept abreast of this crucial information on an ongoing basis. When you accentuate known successful actions, you only strengthen your profitability.

These marketing tips for small businesses are proven winners. Try them and see how your business grows in new clientele and in revenue.

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