21 Content Marketing Ideas

Here is a quick list of my top 21 content marketing ideas. These are some effective and relatively simple ways to generate content for your small business, non-profit organization or entrepreneurial endeavor!

  1. Continually build up your email list and send weekly newsletters, offerings, positive reviews or just some helpful tips and insights.
  2. Actively blog about industry news and trends. A key element of success with blogging is to write in-depth content that focuses on trending topics that are generating buzz and interest.
  3. Create a short video about your business. Post it on YouTube and send it out on email and your social media channels. One of the best methods to create inexpensive, high-impact videos is by leveraging Google Hangouts.
  4. Offer a free white paper or industry report. Here is a great resource on how to write compelling white papers.
  5. Publish a short eBook (30-40 pages), either for free or for a small fee. One of the ways to create an ebook is to repurpose many of your previous blog posts into one ebook.
  6. Encourage your satisfied clients to share their positive online reviews onto Yelp, Angie’s List and Google My Business. Multiple studies have shown that positive reviews influence purchasing decisions more than any other content, as well as giving a small boost to your maim website’s SEO.
  7. Put on a workshop or seminar on a popular topic. The worksheets are valuable content. Moreover, you can video these events for further content and livestream the event in Periscope and Meerkat.
  8. Conduct an online survey of your clients and then publish the results. This can be converted into a blog post, a Google Hangout, and a white paper.
  9. Have on your website the top frequently asked questions (FAQs) and publish these on your social media channels. Additionally, make a video for each question. This could give you a FAQ series of videos to be shared on social media and email.
  10. Do a webinar for your clients. This can be on various topics of interest.
  11. Conduct and publish case studies of those you have helped or serviced with great results. Nothing sells like proven results.
  12. Create beautiful photos with inspirational quotes that align with your company’s message and product. Add your web address in the bottom corner, so they know you created it. Share these photos through social media, Pinterest and Instagram, email, as well as embedded within your blog posts.
  13. Write detailed articles on new products or services. A great way to get your articles seen by a larger audience is to boost their traffic through Facebook marketing and native advertising.
  14. Create brochures and mail these to past clientele to reactivate them, as well as inspire then to refer to you additional clients.
  15. Send out an online press release. These can be done inexpensively and can generate great SEO opportunties.
  16. Create an employee training manual/handbook on how to better service your clients, how to answer most frequently asked questions and how to up sell additional services and/or products. Content marketing ideas definitely include content to be consumed by your employees.
  17. Offer a free and online “How To” course. This can be one lesson or a series of them, such as how to cook something, how to take better pictures or simply solve common problems within your industry or field.
  18. Contact bloggers and give them an incentive to write about your company, or some innovative aspect of your business. Working with influencers is a powerful method to reach new and larger audiences.
  19. Create a “Mega List”, such as “99 Ways To Market Your Business” or “7 Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes”. Publish this list on your website as well as emailing it out.
  20. Attend local events and give away free samples or hand out company literature.
  21. Congratulate top employees or clients who refer. Have them write a short endorsement on why they love your brand and service. Distribute this content via email, in your blog and through social media.

How To Leverage These Content Marketing Ideas

The above list is a small sampling of the content marketing ideas that can be deployed to help a brand grow an audience, as well as increase the trust among their customers and followers. Contact me on how we can create an cost-effective content marketing strategy for your brand.