There are 13 habits that absolutely ensure your demise and ruin. While I do not advising that these 13 habits should followed in any way, it sometimes requires looking at the opposite side of the positive to see what one needs to change or adjust to improve one’s life.

Evidently, the internet is filled with blogs, videos, eBooks and other content that provides positive “How To” advice concerning life, money and business by the boat load. Interestingly, there are those individuals that require reviewing the negative side of life to see how to create the positive aspects for eventual self-improvement. Such is the mind and life.

13 Habits To Follow Or Unfollow: Choose Wisely

1. Refuse To Learn – When you believe you know everything already, the fruits of observation and discovery are shut off. I truly pity the “know it all.” Reading, attending courses and being mentored by others is a rare joy that too few indulge in.

2. Waste Money – Making money and handling money are two separate sciences. Legendary is the man who made it all and who then lost it all. Just because one can create wealth does not ensure that one can manage wealth. Money is an energy, and thus can be conserved and channeled like energy.

3. Save Nothing – They say you have to, “Have money to make money.” This is completely false information, that if believed, will lead to one’s financial ruin. Read Benjamin Franklin’s “The Way To Wealth” as well as “The Richest Man In Babylon”, both of which provide one with the insight of how to build sustainable wealth.

4. Be Arrogant – Being confident and being arrogant are completely different to those who are in tune with personal development. Confidence inspires and arrogance tears people and organizations down. If you are inspiring no one, then you are not a leader or a valuable human being.

5. Live Unethically – Karma is a bitch. Enough said. Of the 13 habits, this is most rapid route to ruin and demise.

6. Refuse To Help Others Or Be Helped Yourself – Your value is measured to the degree that you help people, adding value to their existence, purpose and future. Those who refuse to help others are soon dropped like a hot potato. Conversely, when you refuse the help of others, it makes them feel unimportant and sometimes, it even upsets them.

7. Have Bad Manners – One does not need to be the paragon of perfection on this point, but basic manners will enable one to get along with people better. If you have serious bad manners, as well as posses the compulsion to practice them, then this is a splendid way to ruin your life.

8. Posses No Ambition – Those with no passion to achieve great things see like as dull, bothersome and eventually die before they actually decease officially. Personally, I refuse to work with anyone who does not possess ambition.

9. Remain Money Motivated – Those who are driven by profits – solely – turn into a Scrooge. When the spirit of Christmas has left their soul, they end up dining by themselves. Some of the most successful people are the most generous.

10. Abuse Your Health – Do I really need to elaborate? Our fast food nation is the poster child for obesity. Coincidentally, so is the rise of those who are depressed.

11. Remain Naive Within Your Small World – There is no quicker route to demise than to hold onto your prejudiced views, open to no new ones. This does not mean that being “open” equates to agreeing with the views of others. The world can be a place where evil does triumph. If one does not widen one’s scope of the world around one, it is probable that one will experience that which he did not care to confront.

12. Tell Big Lies – Nothing empties a room or a life like a liar. Lies are now easier to spot and share in our social media, peer review world. Sooner or later, people catch on and avoid liars like an unshowered skunk.

13. Communicate Poorly – One can command the world with communication. Most individuals are lonely, not due to personal idiosyncrasies or that they are ugly, but due to the fact that they cannot relate and converse with another human being. I am amazed at how many “average looking guys” have beautiful wives. Ask the wives as to why? “He listens to me.”

13 Habits: What Do You Choose?

These 13 habits are listed not based on a whim, but after living a life for 50 years, having coached and counseled thousands of clients and friends. Take heed or take cover.

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